‘do not be afraid’: as beijing flexes its muscle, groups teach canadian values to chinese immigrants

by:YEROO     2019-10-04
As an official spokesman for China
A 13-year-old Canadian familyyear-
The old girl who was killed in benabiC.
Earlier this month, Huang Meina\'s thoughtful comments on the case were widely reported in English from the provincelanguage media.
She was almost ignored in local Chinese media.
It\'s not surprising.
A Beijing native who publicly criticized the government of the motherland, Ms. Wang said she was not a popular person.
After the numbers in China
Immigration Agency.
Soft by Beijingpower muscle-
In society, many people are ashamed to publicly criticize China\'s Communist regime.
But an unusual organization may provide an antidote.
The Citizen Engagement Network, in part, tried to remind newcomers from the People\'s Republic of Canada of values and human rights, and held an event on Friday --
Known as \"what does Canada mean\"
I will try to bring home the importance of these freedoms.
Among the speakers at a local library branch, there was a Vancouver blogger who tested the limitations of democracy.
Gao Bingchen helped expose a 2016 fundraising dinner for a Chinese billionaire\'s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, which sparked allegations that Justin had sold foreign merchant channels.
Later, he filed a defamation lawsuit with the host of the fundraiser.
\"The reason why I came here in person is because of what the Canadian representative is,\" Wong said . \".
\"I can speak freely, I can live the life I want without fear . . . . . . As a Canadian, I want to pay attention to people from China, Chinese people --
Residents (help them)
Know everything about this country.
In an effort to secure new immigrants to the Canadian liberal system, Huang has some companies.
Another Vancouver
Leader Louis Huang said the Canadian values Guardian Alliance Regional Organization held protests against China\'s policies, but also held regular seminars to talk to new immigrants about Canadian democratic principles.
Some people know nothing about the dark side of China\'s authoritarian system;
He told the students studying here that they knew little about the Tiananmen massacre in 1989.
Huang Guangyu said that most people left China to go to Canada to escape the system, but they realized that relatives overseas could be threatened if they questioned the party\'s line, or they were in
\"Our goal is to tell them, \'Don\'t be afraid,\'\" the former Shanghai pediatrician said \'. \".
\"If more and more people say no to the Communist Party of China, we can make progress step by step.
\"Canada is a country that welcomes all immigrants, but it is the responsibility of all immigrants to respect Canada\'s values, respect for human rights, respect for the charter, and respect for our culture,\" Mr Wong added . \".
However, experts say China has recently invested unprecedented resources in its own foreign opinion-building campaign aimed at Chinese expats, business and political elites.
After the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Huawei Technology in Canada, and the outbreak of a diplomatic war with China, the driver is drawing new attention.
Huang believes that the Communist Party of China has gone deep into \"our political, social and economic system,\" but the government here is largely unaware of this.
Like Huang Guangyu, he was also ignored by Beijing.
Aligned Chinese media, when another of his groups proposed the bus, they looked the opposite --
Last year, a shelter advertisement for democracy was advertised in China.
Only after the Global Mail reported the campaign, a Chinese --
Huang said the language reporter approached him and said it was \"safe\" to report the story now \".
But he believes in his Canadians.
The values alliance is having an impact.
Protests outside the Chinese consulate
For example, recently, Meng was accused of detaining two Canadians in China after his arrest.
Number of Chinese-
Demonstrators in Canada have been growing, Mr. Huang said.
Mr Huang\'s own story could also be an inspiration for accepting Canadian democratic principles.
In 1981, after her family defected from Beijing to Britain, she came to Canada as a student --
Hong Kong was under control in early 1970.
As the granddaughter of a former businessman and therefore part of the \"blood\"
She said she was bullied and beaten during the \"cultural revolution.
In her new home, Huang worked in Toronto for Olivia Zhou, a new Democratic politician, as a candidate for the Federal Democratic Party at B. C.
In 2014, under the banner of the left, the battle for the mayor of Vancouver
Alliance of progressive voters (COPE).
At the same time, she also publicly opposed the Chinese government, protested against the red flag rising at Vancouver City Hall and criticized the Communist Party\'s policies online.
On one occasion, she ran for a parliamentary seat and sent an informal invitation to the local Chinese consulate, a typical way for diplomats to reach out to community politicians.
The formal invitation has not come, and no one has asked Wang since then.
\"I suspect that the consul general has discovered my \'inclination \'.
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