does what you smell determine what you buy?

by:YEROO     2019-10-21
Fragrance Marketing is actually an old trick. Real-
The realtor had already put a pie in the oven before showing the house, or put a fresh biscuit on the counter.
The aroma of fresh baked goods is like a comfortable home stage, giving a good feeling to potential buyers
Let them imagine an idealized existence.
Smell companies have expanded on this basic premise to make the smell more complex and pass them on to a wider audience.
Of course, the smell does not come from baked goods or even from heat or oil.
On the contrary, the liquid smell is high-voltage, low-
Current and disperse through the ventilation system of the building.
This allows for the precise distribution of the tiny concentration of the smell: not enough to irritate the customer, but enough to trigger the mood.
For different reasons, businesses adopt scent marketing.
ScentAir divides its smell into four categories.
The fragrance of the billboard is the most daring.
This is the closest link to the real.
Real estate agent pie in the oven-
The aroma of chocolate or coffee is undisguised.
The theme scent is to complement the decoration.
The French restaurant in Provencal style may choose lavender to enhance your mood.
The smell of the environment freshens or fills the gap.
The signature scent is a personal scent developed and specifically used by a company, such as Bloomingdale, the Oni hotel, or Jimmy Choo shoes.
But even if a perfume company can identify the perfume needs of the business, marketing through the scent is still an opportunity game.
Because the ability of smell to trigger emotions is based on memory, the power of smell varies from person to person.
Some smells tend to be cultural.
Like Americans like vanilla)
Others are private.
When smell marketing is too far away from a particular product being sold, it fails the most significantly.
On 2006, California milk processors launched a series of \"Do you have milk?
A billboard at the San Francisco bus shelter.
Advertising is typical except smell-
Sweet taste of chocolate cookies.
While the milk handling committee hopes the smell will make people crave milk, city officials see the ads as annoying and order them to be removed.
The public is worried that the smell will trigger an allergic reaction.
Unlike the real estate agent\'s cookies in the model house, the smell is not in business in the bus shelter.
To learn more about marketing and smells, go through the link below.
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