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by:YEROO     2019-10-12
If you go to the convenience store this weekend to buy newspapers or milk, you may have noticed that the boss is gone.
This may be because he had a rest, relaxing weekend at St Andrews and there was no need to open the blinds for the morning regulars and the Scottish Grocery Federation meeting.
It\'s not just my gender discrimination.
I\'m also there, and while the event is social for all families, it seems like the female boss in the industry has something better to do than listen to the store talk about, well, the store.
What did I learn?
Apart from the fact that Spar is as big in Austria as Tesco is in the UK, I learned that the industry is at best disturbed by the stress of changing customers\' bad diets, the habit of drinking and smoking
When the Imperial Tobacco spokesman spoke and rejected the government\'s declared desire to \"ban\" smoking, they did not cheer from the raf.
Imperial Tobacco is one of the sponsors of the event, including three major competitors in the soft drinks market, two large bakers, two competing dairy giants and two chocolate giants, and the staple food in the Scottish grocery basket;
Beer and Buck.
As far as tobacco propaganda is concerned, there is an audience here quietly accepting Colin lager\'s message that 6700 jobs are directly dependent on whip flo, or half of the \"rolling\"your-
The UK Treasury Department has not taxed its own property.
They are particularly receptive to the relevant information, that is, the restrictions on tobacco display, perhaps the next one on the design of tobacco packaging, which may cause grocery stores to have to impose a fat tax on unhealthy foods.
They were pleased to hear that Conservative health spokesman Jackson Kalou assured them that it was not their fault that people chose not to be healthy, while he promised the Scottish Conservative Party to oppose the standard and general cigarette packaging design initiatives proposed by their Westminster colleagues.
On the cheque, there is a whisper of recognition and despair when the fag people predict to the future --
Where a customer has a quota for alcohol purchases, it flashes when an electronic payment is forced, exceeding this quota
The sales store had to reject them.
But the meeting also heard a Seven
A year-long plan to encourage Scottish convenience stores to store fresh fruits and vegetables is rewarding participants.
The huge increase in broccoli sales should take a big step for national cardiologists.
I also learned that these people did not shed tears because of Tesco\'s problems, because it tried to renew the brand, put more energy into the street, and put less energy into it --of-
Although it \"brought back Love\", it is a large supermarket in the small town.
Tesco has never had much love for grocery stores in Scotland.
One effect, they point out, is that their numbers gradually decrease over time.
The most recent one was 200-year-
The old David Sands chain was Co-
Op, regulatory approval passed in the last few days.
So, what did they do about it? Well, the so-called \'c-
Part of the store is for those who can\'t go outof-town, once-a-week shop.
This part is to provide a top
Serve those who do it.
From his retail research company, we learned that there are great opportunities. sell\'.
The most famous example is 1 chocolate provided on WH Smith\'s checkouts.
Obviously, customers are happy to have more improvement.
When only 4% of us say this is happening right now,
We are told that the secret is not only to provide things, but to do it in the right and proper way.
To this end, more than four
Five of us said the staff should be better trained and friendly.
2 out of 3 people want c
More interesting and enjoyable shop. (
Does anyone have an inflatable castle? )
The study also shows that shoppers want to shop locally and support their local stores as it is a way to support local communities.
But if they send a signal to customers that they do, they have a lot of work to do.
Just over three customers think their c-
The store supports the local community.
At the SGF meeting, I learned about the main items that let people in the door, especially at the top --
For big stores, the most is milk.
I \'ve never heard the importance of newspapers driving people to shops, although you have to assume that they are still one of the main ways to attract people to frequent visits.
Instead, milk is the key.
If you listen to Sandy Wilkie, the sales and marketing director of the Wiseman dairy farm, there are all the customs.
He is a Evangelist of lactose tolerance, without irony
How his product is presented is the \"store Theater \".
This is a good story, reversing the 20% drop in milk sales between 1993 and 2007.
This is more about the power and technology of modern marketing than c-Maybe the store.
But it\'s interesting to see, though, how to spend £ 3 m to register 23 celebrities to attract teenagers and make them the Pester of their parents at the Milk show.
No, not through TV commercials.
You will at least notice the creamy upper lip on the celebrity coupon, with a smile from the side of the milk cart.
We have been told that the advertising of bus shelters is more effective.
In general, 60% activities were recognized.
If you are part of the target crowd, you will also be aware of 15% of the budget for social media and PR advertising.
71% of young people are recognized.
With teens spending 31 hours a week surfing the Internet, this brings you some big numbers on YouTube, while celebrities usually bring milk marketing messages to the newspaper for free.
By putting a fan of teenagers in an opentop, Fresian-
On the stylish bus in central London you can see 23,000 young women screaming for milk messages. At what cost? Not much.
Apparently the boy band wants to be seen as a clean life and they think milk is white material for this life. The results?
Milk sales are on the rise, though not much.
The figure for the past three years is 2% per year.
But it should be good news for cows to translate to 88 million liters.
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