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Don't make these mistakes when placing outdoor advertising players


Advertisers put out outdoor advertising players for brand promotion in order to attract more valuable customers, but if the following errors occur during the placement process, the risk of customer loss is likely to occur. Let ’s take a look at outdoor advertising player manufacturer YEROO.


1. Outdoor advertising player content does not have sufficient depth to provide useful information to the audience. Faced with overwhelming advertising, people have become so used to ignoring useless information. Therefore, the best way to create an interactive experience is to make your information valuable.

2. The outdoor advertising player user interface is too complicated. When the user walks into the screen, he needs to know exactly how to operate. If the operation is too complicated, it is likely to be abandoned by the user.

3. Outdoor advertising player screen is too small and too dark. This may be a cost consideration, but be aware that many ad players are relentlessly ignored because of poor hardware. Too small, too dark, or even a broken screen will only hit your brand. Such an investment will only reduce your points. Maybe you should budget well in the early stages of investment.

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