dubai to have ac bus stops

by:YEROO     2019-08-16
Whether it is true, it will be the first city in the area to have an air-conditioned bus shelter.
Dubai: Dubai claims it is the first bus stop in the world with air conditioning.
Whether it\'s true or not, it will be the first city in the area to have an AC bus shelter.
In the hot desert, most Arab nationals rarely take buses, which will be a great relief for expats.
Dubai municipalities have announced plans to build 500 crescent-shaped AC bus stops within 18 months, cut off from outside heat, which will allow more people to take public transport quickly
Like at the airport, state-of-the-art shelters will have ATMs, drinks, newspapers and snack vending machines. The Dh 17. 5 million (
Almost 20 rupees)
Ten-year contract
Dubai is at the forefront of the world in the modernization of public transport.
As the work of the Dubai Metro is in full swing, traffic has been interrupted in several places.
But few people complain.
Now Abu Dhabi has announced plans to build a subway.
The implemented Capital Metro will be integrated with the Dubai network and will shorten the travel time by one and a half hours through the road between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
It will also be an ecology. friendly move.
Ahmed Rashid rahidi, director of public transport in Abu Dhabi, said the long-term goal was to cut private car ownership by 50.
At present, there is already a subway network connecting the six Gulf countries.
If this is achieved, the Abu Dhabi Metro will also be integrated.
Attending a press conference on the prototype of the air-conditioned bus stop at Dubai Road Transport headquarters, he said Abu Dhabi will also launch a similar bus shelter.
The Dubai Municipality awarded Dh 12 in last July. 45 billion ($ 3. 4 billion)
Contract for construction city 69.
7 km subway to Japan Mitsubishi Heavy Industry led consortium.
The deal also includes Dh 1. 88 billion, 15-
Year, maintenance contract.
The Dubai Metro will be self-driving, fully automated, offering extremely safe and reliable service, and trains can run half a minute, with stunning views from the elevated sections.
Dubai Metro will have 43 stations and will complete the first phase of 52 kilometers by June 2009.
The second phase will begin on 2007 and end on 2010.
Both will be laid on elevated platforms and underground lines.
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