duo-gard helps launch ny bus line with eco-friendly shelters

by:YEROO     2019-11-07
The new BusPlus project of the northern New York state capital regional transport authority has reduced 80% sites, buses powered by hybrid engines, and bus shelters made of materials containing high recycled content.
Shelter at 36 bus stops-
Along each side of a 17-18 road
A mile corridor from Schenectady to downtown Albany-
Currently by two
Industry in Galle province, the company offers smooth
Outdoor structure that looks strong, made of eco
Friendly material.
In addition, the company produces high
The performance of translucent lighting systems and architectural lighting emphasizes materials and designs that support sustainability.
You can find its bicycle sanctuary at Oberlin College (pictured right)
The Lumenhaus Solar Decathlon entry program at Virginia Tech uses its energy-efficient vertical glazing system (pictured below)
It was on display at Greenbuild in Chicago last fall.
Jonathan shelzer, marketing director of the Capital Regional Transport Authority, said
Gard was selected to provide bus shelters as the product and company\'s advice is very consistent with the project parameters of the transport authority Limited
The goal of parking the bus line is to have a lighter ambient tread and the need for shelters that can withstand the winter weather in the area and are used by 3 people.
There are 5 million commuters every year.
According to two
Gard, the bus shelter for CDTA is made of 60 to 85% recycled aluminum extrusion.
All of its components are reusable.
Aluminum frame, steel roof and window washer included-are recyclable.
Other features include low
The voltage LED lighting of the shelter and the lighting vertical signage and advertising structure standing next to the shelter.
The BusPlus line was opened in April 4 and provides free rides for commuters by April 18.
Top picture CC provided by CDTA and Duo-
Galle, two people with images of bike racks
Flickr user Energy Department Solar Decathlon authorized Gard and bottom photo.
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