egan: city\'s 30,000 snow removal signs – used once, chewed up in blower

by:YEROO     2019-11-03
We tend to judge big companies based on small things.
Usually, this is all we have.
When billion-
Dollar bank\'s automatic tellerarea looks and smells like a 9-point tramp junglem.
When the phone company answered the phone in India, it sang casually.
When grocery chains purchase from coin-free shoppers to the usea shopping cart.
When the Presto card does not ping, 50 yuan is installed.
Curse their black people. hearted ways.
The city took away the snow a few days ago.
It was in the morning. The giant snow-
Diners came up and fired a lot of snow into the waiting truck, a movable reverse avalanche.
Some strange things can be seen from the window in front.
The Dragon is one of those things that are not available for the time being.
Parking signs made of hard paper and stakes.
Strange, we think, maybe the driver didn\'t see it.
Then he chewed another one. And another.
It took three days for Ottawa to respond, but the answer is yes.
In a typical winter, the city will install these temporary signs and then cut about 30,000 of them into pieces instead of taking them out for future use.
In their words: \"The practice has been in place for several years.
The exit sign is more effective than allowing the crew to remove the sign.
If someone is committed to removing these signs, it will result in higher labor and fuel costs.
First of all, I don\'t believe that.
Of course, it takes money to register, but you can\'t take this factor into account: \"You can use this logo again and again!
\"The city also explains well what these signs are for, so as not to sleep at night.
\"These signs are used as a temporary measure to ensure that the public is aware that there is no parking lot in the designated area in order to prepare the staff for snow removal operations.
When the city was asked three times the cost of the logo, it provided the same answer via email: \"The cost of these logos is included in the entire winter operating budget.
\"We \'ve always thought it was part of the whole lawn --cutting budget. Nuts.
This will only drive you crazy.
In terms of the scale of things, it is not high.
When I talk about it at work with a few people, it\'s mostly blank.
Some people want to know that a bunch of 30,000 people chew the sign when the snow melts.
Another reporter asked if the gallows had been stuck on the stake.
I can ask the city, but I may be dead before I get an answer.
Pity this citizen like my friend Joe.
He is a senior citizen and a pair of eyes. and-
Along the ears of Rideau Street, there is always something happening there.
Last fall, he correctly pointed out that the city and transport authorities wisely installed the new bus shelters without seats.
They\'re about $20,000 each, by three-
A glass, open toward the street.
A few weeks later, the bench was found on the road.
As stated in the poem, they also serve those who are standing and waiting, praying that they will not quit before no one. 18 arrives.
Joe also reported on the new shelter.
Completely open on one side-
Collect wind and rain like a canyon, I believe him.
A few days ago, he was thinking, in front of the Second Cup, in the middle of Dalhousie Street, what happened to a bench.
He said it had been there for years and disappeared one day.
The city has no answer, neither does OC Transpo, nor does his local MP\'s office.
Can I help? I think I can try it.
But, as in previous theory, the City replied by email that the bench had been removed \"as part of the entire sidewalk --
Clearing operation. ”(
One has to wonder if the snow removal equipment just ate the whole bench because it has a huge appetite for fragmented wood. )
All of this is to be asked: whether the city is running well, whether the streets have been plowed, whether the garbage has been picked up, and whether the taps have water.
Don\'t even ask about countless other small things.
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