emerald protesters endure near-zero nights to save bus shelter from demolition

by:YEROO     2019-09-16
Protesters in the Emerald City of the Dandenong mountains are drawing nearzero night-
In order to save the local bus shelter, the time temperature was on the vigil.
The caldenia County Council says the sanctuary is over and wants to dismantle it and build a new one.
The protest was organized by the Emerald Community House (ECH)
It uses a brightly colored bus shelter as a noticeboard.
Mary Farrow, manager of ECH, said the protesters were there to prevent the shelters from being demolished.
\"We have been building community information and community art [on the shelter]
Seven years. \"She said.
\"We have an iconic art mosaic completed by young people funded by Victoria.
Ms. Farrow said the group had been camping at bus shelters for more than a week, with \"about a dozen\" locals taking turns sitting at the shelters.
Temperatures in Victoria dropped sharply this week, with bad weather and snowfall in several parts of the state.
Although there is no snow in the jade, the far Luo MS said that the night has been \"frozen.
\"Once you get into it and are driven by passion, you will go beyond it,\" she said . \".
Chris Phillips, chairman of technology, has been sleeping in his residence.
A parliamentary official visited the shelter and asked him to dismantle it because it was on public property, he said.
\"Public spaces are actually spaces managed by community houses. . .
So we will test this . \"
Farrow MS said the protests were supported by the town\'s businesses and cafes, and locals also visited the vigil to express their support.
\"We asked people to bring their sweaters here and we ate the cake,\" she said . \".
\"Someone had porridge this morning.
\"Other tourists did not go to the bus station --
It\'s because it has the associated Pokestop.
\"There are a lot of people wandering around with their mobile phones in their hands, because this sanctuary and mosaic is the destination for Pokemon,\" Mr Phillips said . \".
A spokesman for the cadinia County Council declined to be interviewed, but instead pointed out the statement on the council\'s website about the shelter.
The statement included a proposal to keep the mosaic in a conspicuous position while replacing the existing bus shelters with a \"traditional style.
However, Farrow MS said the protesters wanted the existing shelters to stay.
\"We also propose any repairs [council]
Say you need to do it for free-
\"There is no cost for the parliamentary taxpayers,\" she said . \".
The bus shelter is a focal point for a community that is often threatened by bushfires, she said.
\"It\'s not just a bus shelter, it\'s about community contact,\" she said . \".
\"No matter how long it will take, we will finish the work here.
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