england fan’s attempt to jump off double decker bus in celebration ends painfully

by:YEROO     2019-09-05
After a fan jumped off the double-decker bus and crashed in from the bus shelter, the celebration of the latest victory became reckless across the country.
Meanwhile, dramatic phone footage captured the moment a man jumped several times in front of an active crowd before he fell off the bus.
Unfortunately, he crashed directly into the bus shelter at the South Clapham Junction.
West London, head to the ground.
Footage taken from the ground below appears to show that the man took a woman with him when he fell down, but the crowd still seems to like to show.
The video showed the crowd cheering and clapping as he stood up and not getting hurt after the fall.
The Metropolitan police station confirmed that the incident occurred at about 5.
Less than half an hour after fifteen o\'clock P. M. .
Police said the move had caused some disruption to traffic in the area, but no one was arrested.
Many people on Twitter have condemned the man\'s antics.
\"In any case, celebrate the victory, but do not reinforce the negative image of the British football fans,\" one man wrote . \".
\"Can\'t we celebrate our victory without destroying property, causing inconvenience to others and risking injury,\" added another netizen ? \".
\"Perhaps he should be asked to pay for the damage to the bus shelter,\" one of them wrote, feeling that the person should indeed cough for any damage caused. Metro. co.
London transport has been contacted for comment.
The celebrations throughout the capital have become ugly.
After a historic victory
A terrible rage in east London.
Up and down the country, supporters destroyed a taxi in a crazy mob in Nottingham, some riding a car hat in fol Stone, Kent, fans climbed up Hull\'s bus stop and road signs along with East Yorkshire, among other events.
England\'s final semi-final
The final of the 1990 World Cup.
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