ets bus shelters smashed in vandalism spree

by:YEROO     2019-10-15
After about 30 bus shelters were destroyed by vandals, city workers spent most of Wednesday cleaning up the damage, which Edmonton traffic officials said became more and more common this year.
Glass of dozens of bus shelters
The most walk along 107 Avenue, there are several on 109 Street near MacEwan University --
Was broken sometime on Tuesday night.
Rico Page of Edmonton Transportation Services estimates that vandals have at least two shelters targeted every three days.
For transit users who rely on these shelters, chaos is not only inconvenient, but also dangerous.
Liyla Jassim usually catch up with the bus on 109 Street, but she was forced to walk to different stations due to serious damage to the bus shelter.
\"It\'s hard because I\'m carrying a stroller and a child,\" Jassim said . \".
\"It\'s very difficult.
\"The loss is also great, and taxpayers will eventually pay for the replacement of the glass of the shelter.
\"It takes about $300 to replace the pane, so for 30 shelters you need more than $10,000,\" Page said . \".
Still, Page says glass shelters remain the best option for transit users.
\"The balance of costs, looks good, and it\'s safer when it\'s finally broken,\" he said . \".
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