\'everything was changed in a moment\': westboro bus crash victim lost both legs

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Marcy Stevens woke up from a coma on January.
13. Two days after double
The Decker bus she took crashed into a bus shelter at Westborough station.
Stevens\'s husband Christopher posted this terrible news after she regained consciousness.
\"I woke up like a sleeping beauty.
My husband had to tell me that I lost my legs.
Three other passengers were killed in the accident.
Stevens on the upper deck was one of the 23 injured.
\"We\'re all in the car.
We all have our own lives.
Everything changed in an instant.
Less than five months after the accident destroyed her old life, Stevens, 45, is pursuing a new dream --to walk again.
She achieved a \"small goal\" at a time \".
If she succeeds, she will say that the first place she walks is by bus.
\"Just to prove that I can do it.
\"I don\'t think I can get to the top of the mountain,\" she said . \".
\"You can cry, but you have to cheer up.
I always do this.
\"There\'s a tough road ahead, and Stevens knows that.
She had four surgeries within a month of the accident.
The surgeon tried to save her right leg with a vein transplant, but the transplant failed.
The tissue in her right thigh becomes dead and has to be removed, a medical term for removing dead tissue.
There was a skin grafting operation on her left leg and thigh, with skin from the side.
\"Patience is not my strength,\" she said . \"
\"I have to accept that I will get there when I get there.
It wouldn\'t happen if I pushed myself too fast.
On May 21, Stevens\'s lawyer submitted a 19-
With Stevens, 12, and Adam, 5, as plaintiffs, and Aissatou Diallo, the City of Ottawa, OC Transpo and bus driver, as defendants, millions of lawsuits have been filed.
Stevens lost her legs above her knee, making it more of a challenge to achieve her goal.
Her goal is to lose 40 pounds.
She still retains the moisture in the surgery and she has to lose it before she can install the prosthesis.
She needs a strong core to walk again.
Legs are used for balance and lever action and other muscles must be compensated.
Amputee walking with artificial limbs requires the endurance of elite athletes.
Stevens goes to the gym three times a week to see a personal trainer.
She also made an appointment for a physical therapist, as well as an occupational therapist, dietitian, a psychologist and a massage therapist.
\"With a dream team like me, I don\'t think I will fail.
She was at the Ottawa Hospital rehabilitation center during February.
On April 12 and 22, they met two other patients who lost one leg in a car accident.
\"I used to joke, \'at least you have a leg to stand on,\" Stevens said. \"He thought the prosthesis was a chance to joke.
She said she would be 7 feet tall if she had a choice.
It will be the first time in her life to wear skinny jeans.
Stevens called himself a family.
For her 5-year-old and 12-year-old son, this is a protective \"mama bear\" but still very competitive.
She likes to go for a walk with her family to the nearby Toy \"R\" Us, or take a splash pad to the park.
In terms of work, she always wants to improve her work skills.
\"The hardest part is knowing that your previous life is different,\" she said . \".
On the day of the accident, Stevens was returning to her home in Stittsville, a branch planner for public security Canada.
After the accident, instead of losing consciousness, she used her mobile phone to call her husband and her office from the bus.
\"When I called Chris I told him I loved him and please pick up the kids and let the boys know that I love them too.
I called work and talked to one of my colleagues.
The worker told him that I was probably not there on Monday.
\"When the first aid worker picked her out of the bus, she woke up and recalled the examination, CT scan and the condition of being pushed into the operating room in the trauma area.
\"I lose consciousness only when they put me below.
According to a study published in the Canadian Journal of Surgery in 2016, as far as the researchers know, there was no previous study.
Published report on lower numbers
Limb surgery in Canada
In the study, the researchers found a 5,342 lower
By analyzing the database of the Canadian Institute of Health Information, Canadian hospitals had limb amputations between 2006 and 2009.
These figures do not include Quebec.
About 81 amputees are caused by complications of diabetes, and 65 amputees are the following --the-
Knee amputated
It is not clear how many double amputees are in Canada, and how many even have lost their limbs, said Alexis McConachie, case manager of the war amplifier advocacy program.
The World Health Organization says about 0.
In the population of any person, 5 per cent of people suffer from physical disabilities. There are 1.
There are 6 million amputees in the United States. S.
This figure is expected to double by 2050.
This is clear, however --
Walking with artificial limbs requires more effort.
Double amputees known as bilateral amputees consume 300 more oxygen than non-amputees
The amputee, McConachie said.
In order to make it more complex, the higher the amputee, the more difficult it is to learn to walk with a prosthetic limb. While a below-the-
Knee amputations are still allowed to use the knee, abovethe-
Knee amputees must also compensate for lost joints.
McConachie said that when someone loses a leg, they lose their perception of where their feet are in space, which will increase the risk of falling. Some new-
The substitute prosthesis contains a microprocessor in the knee to help correct the situation.
Nevertheless, walking with artificial limbs requires a high level of mental vigilance.
The cost of artificial limbs is wide. Above-
The cost of knee prosthesis with microprocessor is about $100,000-each.
Their life span is between three and five years and must be adjusted constantly.
Only three or 5 pounds of weight gain or decrease may mean a new socket is needed.
\"There\'s a misconception that you get a prosthetic, that\'s it.
\"There\'s a lot more to do,\" McConachie said . \".
Stevens said she enjoyed the challenge all the time.
\"I am trying to make the most of this.
\"The biggest change in her life is the boredom from point A to Point B.
She has learned how to \"go to the board\"
Jump from the chair to another stationary object with a small board. It takes time.
\"The most difficult thing is to wake up and know that I can\'t jump off the bed,\" Stevens said . \".
\"You have to plan every activity.
You have to plan to enter the bathroom of a wheelchair just getting started in the middle of the night.
When your child gets up in the middle of the night, you have to be in a wheelchair.
\"She took a ride from the driveway to her sunny porch for two --storey house.
There\'s a stair glider that can take her upstairs.
But even these adjustments won\'t make it easier to get around.
She planted an ugly maple tree in her backyard as a memorial to her mother, but it was difficult for her to simply sneak out and see the tree.
The design of the house is not suitable for the turning radius of the wheelchair, and the standard bathroom is not suitable.
The kitchen has a working face suitable for people standing.
With the loss of both legs, Stevens was unable to use the weight in a wheelchair to achieve balance.
She accidentally jumped out of the chair twice.
The carpet is hard to navigate. So is grass.
\"If my front casters hit a piece of turf on the grass, I would be lifted out of the chair.
She gave up her Fiat 500too small —
And plan to take the required exam before she starts learning to drive
Controlled vehicles.
\"I always want to do it myself.
Sometimes I can\'t do it myself, \"she said.
\"I feel very sorry for the inconvenience caused to my family.
I think I\'m putting pressure on them.
I like to do things for myself.
\"The family is not going to leave the house in Stittsville, but it seems to be the best solution.
They have already paid a down payment in a nearby lot so that the children can stay in their school catchment area and discuss with the builder the design of an accessible house, there is an accessible one-boy bedroom and a loft in Christopher\'s office.
What Stevens learned at the rehab center is that there will always be peaks and lows.
\"Just think about your body telling you to take back your energy.
She said she had recovered from her mother who died four years ago. “I’m just me.
You can take it or leave it.
I think you can say that I followed my drum.
She then corrected herself sadly.
\"I rolled with my drum.
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