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Features of outdoor advertising player


The outdoor advertising player can broadcast advertising information to a specific group of people in a specific place and a specific time period. At the same time, it can also count and record the playback time, number of times and playback range of multimedia content, even while playing. To achieve interactive functions, record viewing times, user stay time, etc., outdoor advertising players have been favored by more and more business owners. So what are the characteristics of outdoor advertising players?

Features of outdoor advertising player:

1. Waterproof and sunscreen: The outdoor elements are changeable, and there will be very dramatic changes. The temperature varies greatly throughout the year. It will rain and wind, and the humidity level will change. It may add damage to the digital screen. Rainy days and direct sunlight will affect the visibility of the outdoor digital display. These are all things we need to consider, and they are waterproof and sunscreen. Even on a rainy day with heavy rain, it can operate without any impact.


2. Outdoor high-bright LCD screen: Anyone who has used a laptop outdoors or watched TV outdoors knows that the brightness of the screen will affect visibility regardless of whether the screen is in direct sunlight or even in the dark. An insufficient screen brightness and poor anti-reflective treatment can make the image difficult to see. If the image cannot be seen sufficiently, the capital investment of the field LCD solution business is wasted. The outdoor digital signage has high-definition highlighting and adjustable features, making your advertisements have a beautiful visual enjoyment.

3. Constant temperature: A light bulb will also heat up after being used for a long time. In fact, this has a great impact on the life of the product. Outdoor advertising players use intelligent temperature control systems for heat dissipation and heating. Outdoor advertising player manufacturers make advertising play The machine has a constant temperature function, which makes the service life of the advertising player longer.

The above content is an introduction to the characteristics of outdoor advertising players. In recent years, outdoor advertising players have become a brand-new outdoor media. They are used in tourist attractions, commercial pedestrian streets, residential properties, public parking lots, public transportation and other gatherings. In public places, a multimedia professional audio-visual system that publishes business, financial and entertainment information through LCD screen terminal display equipment.

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