fight to keep bus shelter from being built opposite front door

by:YEROO     2019-10-17
A Karaka homeowner was involved in a battle with Oakland Transportation (AT)
Stop the bus shelter from being built directly in front of his front door.
But so far, AT has only agreed to move the bus station to the driveway and park in the driveway.
Residents of Kabardin St contacted the Herald after reading a report last week, reporting that two new townhouses in the hobbreville Point Dr were surrounded by bus shelters.
\"I read the story and thought it might be me in the near future,\" said the person who did not want to be named.
Auckland traffic spokesman Mark Hannan said the bus station was planned by the developer and prior to the construction of the House, AT agreed to be part of the street layout approved by the Karaka market segment.
\"Basically, it\'s up to the developers,\" Hannan said . \".
\"They planned the road network and then probably sold the development plot.
\"In the process, they ignored the planned and approved network and then were surprised by the approved infrastructure construction.
\"Owner of $1.
Last year, 15 million of the houses bought his house, but found the planned bus stop three months ago.
He has since written to Mayor Phil Gove of AT, local board of directors, developers and members of parliament.
The man suggested moving the bus station 200 away, but AT ruled out this as it said it would be \"directly opposite to the typical planned spacing of the bus station \".
\"A group of people working for developers came here to build [it]
Hannan said: \"One day, he found his home finished and occupied, a beautiful\" stepping stone \"through the berm to the side of the road \".
\"We worked with them and their consultants to adjust the location of the station away from his front door.
\"This pushed the tail of the bus stop to the driveway.
\"But we have already explained it. . .
This is perfectly normal in Auckland, the bus usually stays for only 10 to 20 seconds and only stops when someone wants to board or get off. \"Hannan added.
Simon Chefer, chief traffic engineer for traffic engineering solutions, said in a letter to the homeowner that the location of the bus station: \"We have reviewed the location of this bus station, and revised the proposed bus station location so that it can be partially located in your driveway.
He said: \"The bus stop is about 9 m from the edge of the lane, not in front of the entrance.
\"Concrete pads are still recommended on the berm in front of the bus stop, as this requires ensuring the safety of passengers getting on and off.
\"However, the owners are far from satisfied.
\"It\'s normal for anyone to say that it\'s ridiculous to let the bus stop block your driveway,\" he said . \".
\"I know that the bus stop is part of the resource consent for the neighboring development project, not the developer of my house, so it is unfair for me to be affected.
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