first package of sarawak highway project completed

by:YEROO     2019-08-28
Kuching: The Pan-Borneo Highway project in Sarawak marks the first of 11 work packages to complete a milestone.
The completed package, one of the two undertaken by Miri --
Sdn Bhd based on Samling resources, stretches 32.
It is 77 km from Telok Melano to Sematan in the south of Sarawak.
Lebuhraya, executive partner of pan Sarawak Borneo Highway project, Borneo Utara Private Limited (LBU)
A wpc completion certificate has been issued to Samling resources.
However, according to the Sarawak infrastructure development and transport department, the new highway, which took 39 months to complete, has not yet been opened to public transport until the engineering department announced it as a federal highway.
Telok Melano-
Sematan stretch is the shortest of all work packages and the only one with two work packages
Double Lane.
There are 4 other 10 work packages
Double Lane.
Telok Melano is a traditional fishing village that used to be accessible only by the sea.
The village is located in one of the most beautiful bays in the area.
Visitors only need to take 30-when the new road is open-
Described as a hidden travel gem, it is only a few minutes\' drive from Telok Melano.
LBU says the building of Telok Melano-
Sematan presents various challenges to Samling Resources as the main contractor must be in the Greenland area criss-
Crossing six rivers and swampsWith one-
The third road route within the Samunsam Wildlife Sanctuary, where proboscis monkeys live, imposes certain unique conditions on building activities.
They included designing and building a bridge over normal time on Sungai Samunsam to minimize damage to local habitats.
Other work packages for Samling are from Sematan to Sungai Moyang Bridge, plus Kuching-
The Serian roundabout covers 95. 4km.
This package is the longest of the 11 sections of the expressway project, involving the construction of 22 cross-river bridges, 6 interchange, 9 pedestrian bridges and 93 bus shelters along the way.
Abdul Hamid, president of LBU Safuabi, said that it successfully completed the straight Melano-
Shimadan stretch is the entire Borneo Highway project for employee morale.
\"This is a milestone because it marks the first \'pass\' we have achieved \'.
\"I believe this is the catalyst for other major contractors to work hard to complete their respective work packages on time,\" he added . \".
11 listed companies from Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia are one of 20 companies appointed as the main contractor of the RM16bil project, which is 746 km kilometers long in the first phase. As of November-
2018, LBU said in the latest update on the progress of the project that the laying of the 1,662 casing culvert and 418 box culvert of the drainage system of the project has begun.
It says bridge works include building new and dismantling existing bridges that need to meet the 5 th standard for future highways.
\"The first phase involves the construction of bridges at no less than 115 locations in Sarawak.
These range from short orders-
Bridge with longest span in 1 hour.
At Durin in Sibu, the length of Batang Rajang is 708kim, \"LBU added.
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