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Five functions of outdoor LCD advertising machine


Outdoor LCD advertising machine is a high-performance industrial-grade outdoor display device that integrates information release, advertising, interactive applications, and e-commerce promotion. It can be widely used in commercial centers, urban roads, shopping mall entrances, city squares and other fields that require outdoor advertising, outdoor public information release, outdoor media communication, and touch interactive query. It can be summarized as the following 5 basic functions:

1. Real-time bus arrival forecast: The display screen on the stop sign will be used to display the bus arrival forecast information, including route forecast, location forecast and time forecast.

2. Communities and shopping malls downstairs real-time information release: the display screen can also be used for community service stations and shopping malls downstairs to release all kinds of public information, such as news summaries, government announcements, weather forecasts, traffic information, commercial advertisements, financial newsletters, etc.


3. Mobile intelligent monitoring: The wireless surveillance camera head on the outdoor LCD advertising machine is a security guard who can monitor the street security status in real time.

4. Information collection and display conversion freely: daily maintenance personnel can update the release information of outdoor advertising machines in real time through the background information management center according to the relevant data collected in real time by the system.

5. Multimedia information service platform: Multimedia bus electronic stop sign. Because the stop sign host is connected to the background through the network, and the background can access the Internet in real time, the platform can realize the human-network interaction function, such as the digital stop sign as the core point. Query surrounding commercial information, such as various value-added service information such as restaurants, pharmacies, entertainment venues, sports venues, etc. within 1 kilometer of the surrounding area, so as to make full use of the advantages of the multimedia information publishing system platform to turn smart station signs into a convenient service platform.

The functions of the outdoor LCD advertising machine have the above points. The electronic advertising media has gradually replaced the traditional light boxes and billboards. Following the development of science and technology, Yilong Advertising has in-depth research and development. Currently, it can also provide customers with digital media solutions. Welcome everyone Customer consultation and understanding.

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