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Follow the principles of outdoor scrolling light box advertising design


As the competition in the advertising industry becomes more and more fierce, the creative design of outdoor scrolling light boxes has also received increasing attention. What principles should creative advertising design of rolling light boxes follow? Today, Yilong advertising light box products manufacturers will come to you for a detailed analysis and summary as follows.


1. Strong impact

Nowadays, there are a lot of advertisements everywhere on the street. How to ensure that the rolling light box advertisements stand out among the many advertisements? To quickly attract people's attention, first of all, put advertising posters that enhance visual tension when rolling light boxes.

2, with novelty

Creativity is novelty. If rolling light box ads are to be noticed, novelty is also a creative law that cannot be ignored. The design of rolling light box advertisements must be novel, so that the theme of the advertisement can be deepened on the basis of the original, away from naturalism, and elevated to a higher level.

3. It contains deep meaning

If a rolling light box advertisement design is to impress people, its advertising creativity cannot stay on the surface, it must have deep content that is thought-provoking, has the charm that is attractive to see and see again, and let people see the essence through appearances, so that people deep impression.

The design of outdoor scrolling light box advertisements should follow the above principles, increase the influence of outdoor advertising in the city, and at the same time bring advertising revenue, build a new era of urban appearance with the starting point of increasing the beautiful construction of the city.

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