former dancer, 26, is awarded $148million in compensation after she was paralyzed from the waist down when a bus shelter at chicago airport collapsed on her

by:YEROO     2019-09-06
A former dancer was paralyzed below her waist after the bus shelter was damaged, and she received $0. 148 billion in compensation.
Tierney Darden\'s lawyers have paid $0. 175 billion for the pain their clients have already suffered, and in fact she will have to spend the rest of her life in long suffering without using her legs
Prior to the trial, officials in Chicago had admitted wrongdoing, but their legal team suggested that the amount of compensation be only $30 million to $40 million.
They are said to be considering their legal options now, but Darden\'s lawyer said that two years ago, when a pound shelter at O\'Hare Airport landed on her, his client was wrong to squeeze her spine.
After the decision of the Cook County court, Patrick Salvi Sr embraced his client and told CBS Chicago: \"We are very, very grateful to the jury for recognizing the severity of her injury and the long road ahead of her.
\"This is a very, very special case, because Tiffany was indeed the victim of the illegal act in the city of O\'Hare.
\"100% responsibility for the illegal act.
\"The part of the sanctuary has rusted and the City admits it is responsible for it.
On the other side of the outcome, counsel for the city said: \"We are disappointed with the jury\'s decision and are evaluating our legal options.
On 2015, Tara Devin, another lawyer for the victim, said: \"Since the airport and the city did not protect her, Tenney\'s life will never be the same.
\"She will never dance with her legs, which is one of her passions.
On August 2, 2015, Darden\'s sister and mother, after a trip to Minni aporius, stayed with her in a shelter and suffered minor injuries.
Her father recalled that she could not feel her legs and her legs could not move, which she knew.
She was scared.
Their lawsuit requires that the city of Chicago and the city\'s aviation sector know that the shelter needs to be repaired.
In addition, according to WBBM, investigators found that at least two other shelters in O\'Hare were in danger of collapse due to rusty brackets and missing bolts.
According to WBBM\'s report, 22 bolts were lost for a protective device designed to connect it to the ground, and the other 8 screws were located in various parts of the structure itself.
There is also a mounting plate missing on that structure.
Jeff Kroll, Darden\'s family lawyer, said the nuts and bolts were everything about these shelters.
\"If the Department of Aviation carries out any form of proper inspection, this will never happen if there is any form of proper maintenance agreement.
The airport staff began to dismantle the rotten shelter almost immediately. The 12-
According to the Chicago Sun, the indictment charged the city and the aviation sector with negligence and demanded compensation for losses of more than $600,000. Times.
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