Foshan YiLong detailed analysis for you to open a newsstand is promising

by:YEROO     2020-03-21
If there is no money to operate a newsstand is really a good project, I think the business without the size only. A good investment than six or seven small newsagent who earn more than general clothing store? 吗? The answer is obvious. But how to operate? 1. Items can be extended. Kiosks are not just selling it, take it as a convenient pavilion to run. Newspaper floppy disks, miscellaneous publication issue, books can, small food cold drinks and so on. 2. The key step to let people to buy. Can play free card. Write a billboard saying to ask the way for free, and guide the public toilets, refers to the hotel, provide free train and plane schedules free borrow umbrella, send children and items for free. 3. Don't make money for free? Have sold project, paid for carrying water, mobile phone recharge, paid. 4. Let a person have to reason. Don't make money again good pin of the newspaper. Old newspaper in new services, such as market of zhejiang qianjiang evening news elsewhere have six MAO, is able to change the old newspaper new newspaper, depreciation of RMB 1. This old newspapers actually also can sell, and make a little less but have repeat customers. 5. Stock don't wrong. Management at kiosks should pay attention to the following: first, location, the opening of the first importance than location. How the location? I think there are three important aspects, one is stream of people. Second, competition, 3 it is the nature of the traffic, investigation statistics, the first one hundred meters competition management with the nature of the project, there is a market for sure there is competition, through the comparison and explore both sides of the superior or way, and the plan of site selection for better flow of people in long time, why but stay, etc. , in large and medium-sized cities more kiosks do stop at the station site. Second, the management, the management method of small businesses have a small business, how to put the service done more comprehensive and more profits. I think: convenient and considerate service is the most important management policy. However business projects in addition to paper publication magazine, beverage, tobacco phone, often snacks, etc. , can provide some more peripheral service projects, only can provide customers with more convenient and the service work to do, such as some creative home delivery, providing information, friends' stuff related books, a few zhang gang friends' stuff out of DVD, generation of gas filling. Because of flexibility is very strong, so management flexibility is not weak. Third, small newsstand is service project, how to do the service well is one of, the service and management together would be better. Is a little small newsagent convenient stand, in my point of view in the big city, he has his existence, also has the profit point of his existence, although can't have too big extensibility, but if done well, much better than those of us who work. Attach procedure: the applicant to find a post office official worker to do the guarantor, the guarantor to fill in a guaranty, apply to the provincial postal service. Upon passing the examination and approval, the applicant must pay the deposit of $11000.
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