four consultants shortlisted to design 1,400 bus shelters

by:YEROO     2019-11-03
The Delhi Transport Department has put four design consultants on the candidate list to develop 1,400 bus line-up shelters across the capital.
A senior government official said that after the final round of selection here next week, one of the four advisers will participate in major bids related to the project.
The advisers were selected according to the design competition announced by the ministry, which is open to all, the official said.
\"The final statement will be made before the age of five.
Next week, a member jury of two government members and three experts.
\"After the final selection, the process of awarding financial bids and contracts will begin,\" the official said . \".
The purpose of the competition, the official said, is not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of reasonable construction and maintenance costs, the best design is zero compared to what is available.
The competition was held last month in line with the guidelines of a committee set up by the government, which aims to investigate the problems faced by the lack of adequate bus stops and general commuters
Questions raised at the Delhi conference.
The official added that the proposed bus shelters at 4,600 notified bus stations should also be equipped with interactive information systems and monitors to help commuters.
More than 4,600 bus stops have been notified, of which 1,861 are new
Stainless steel shelters developed through public-private partnerships.
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