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Four elements of outdoor billboard effects


With the increase of urban population and the acceleration of urbanization, emerging technology has been widely used in outdoor media. The advertising form of column billboards with rapid and wide dissemination effect has gradually gained the approval of advertisers. Today, Xiaobian came to talk with you about the four major factors affecting the spread of outdoor billboards!

1, visual effects

Outdoor media is visual media. Although it has entered the digital age, whether it is a flat board, a liquid crystal display, a three-dimensional display, or a dynamic display stand, it is still a kind of visual media. Sound is difficult to become a major information transmission element in outdoor advertising. . This aspect is determined by the attention characteristics of the person; on the other hand, it is determined by the "outdoor nature" of the outdoor media. Outdoors, the audience is in a state of dispersion and movement. This state determines that people's contact with outdoor advertising is instantaneous and glimpsed. If outdoor advertising can't catch the audience's attention in an instant and can't impress the audience, then the advertising exposure is invalid. Therefore, as a visual medium, the color, pattern, text and other elements of outdoor media must have outstanding information carrying value, and can instantly capture the attention of the audience.

2, advertising creative

Outdoor media is a non-standardized media. Most of the print media are standard media. The size and volume are relatively small. They can publish a large amount of information and can be copied in large quantities. This has the advantage of being able to deliver more advertising information. The disadvantage is that the creative concept is limited and easily overlooked. . Outdoor media is a non-standardized media, and media has fewer forms and sizes. Outdoor media is almost independent of various conditions such as shape, size, structure, and material, which provides possibilities for innovation in outdoor media formats. Outdoor media can not only innovate in content, but also innovate in media form, something that other media cannot do.

YEROO-Four elements of outdoor billboard effects

3. Media environment

Outdoor media is environmental media. For a long time, the environmental nature of outdoor media has been neglected intentionally or unintentionally, which seriously weakens and limits the performance and performance space of outdoor advertising. When the concept of environmental media and creative practices are gradually emerging outdoors, their environmental characteristics are justified. Outdoor media is both part of the urban environment and the surrounding environment. The surrounding environment directly determines the communication effect of outdoor advertising, and environmental factors directly enrich the performance of outdoor advertising. In the specific idea, you can use the surrounding environment to create some graphics that are in harmony with the environment, form a communication interaction of the scenes, and also use the characteristics of the space to make the outdoor advertising continuous and spatially expandable.

4, pure advertising

Outdoor media is non-content oriented media. This is the fundamental feature of outdoor media that distinguishes it from other traditional media, that is, it does not rely on the induction of other information (such as news) to realize the spread of advertising information, also known as pure advertising. On the one hand, this feature makes the outdoor media audience even larger. Most of the outdoor media use the characteristics of “geographic environment and human environment” to target the target audience, which can reach the potential target audience to the utmost extent. On the other hand, the non-content traits and non-content-induced contact characteristics of outdoor advertising determine that outdoor media must have sufficient affinity for the audience during the process of communication.

Outdoor billboards require that the advertising media must provide a very good contact and reading experience, providing a more reasonable graphics and copywriting design. At the same time, pay attention to the contact angle between the advertising audience and the outdoor media, observe the distance, observe the visual obstacles and the clear and complete content of the disseminated content, so that the advertising media is completely exposed to the contact line of the advertising audience, and achieve more adequate advertising. Information dissemination.

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