four finalists aiming for ceo\'s post at via

by:YEROO     2019-08-29
The trustee will interview four candidates who may become the next president and CEO of the agency.
The board discussed finalists at its monthly meeting on Tuesday night.
San Antonio Express-
The News obtained the list of current finalists after submitting a public record request.
It is not clear when the final choice will be made.
One candidate has been a temporary CEO since leaving office at the end of last year.
Parker is a rising star on the National Public Transport stage, and from 2009 to December he was the head of VIA, when he left many places in Atlanta.
Large public transport organization.
About 30 candidates;
At a special meeting this month, the board cut that number to five.
The whole meeting was an executive meeting and was not open to the public.
Arndt spent nearly 30 years working with Houston Metro, where he helped to launch the city\'s lights --rail system.
From 1999 to 2005, he served as senior vice president and chief operating officer of operations.
Seven years after Arndt worked in the private sector, Parker hired Arndt as vice CEO of VIA in February 2012.
There were five players in the final, but one of them withdrew.
In addition to Arndt, the rest is: Theresa \"Terry\" Garcia cruise, general manager and CEO of Southwest Ohio Regional Transport Authority, Cincinnati.
Previously, Garcia cruise was the general manager and president of the company.
Responsible for overseeing union work in Austin.
She is the general manager and CEO of Lexington Public Transport Authority, Kentucky.
From 2004 to 2008, prior to that, he was an assistant general manager at Ariz Tucson public transport.
Prior to this, Garcia\'s staff worked in marketing.
He is the deputy director of traffic management in London and is responsible for managing five bus departments and two railway departments.
He was an executive director and CEO of Alabama.
Prior to that, Hill worked there for 19 years and he began working as a bus operator, eventually becoming a planning and scheduling manager at paratransit.
He resigned as deputy general manager of operations.
His resume shows that he is still working at WMATA, where Kubicek oversees the second place --
According to The Washington Post, the busiest subway system in the United States.
From 2002 to 2007, he served as deputy executive officer for railway fleet services.
He worked in DART, Dallas transportation authority, began working as a technician in 1987, and became a senior manager of railway Fleet Services in 2002.
Whoever becomes the next president of VIA will face a rapidly changing institution: VIA is planning a tram system in the heart of the city, its first railway project ever.
The system is expected to cost between $0. 19 billion and $0. 2 billion, a price tag that has attracted a lot of attention, not only because of cost issues, but also because VIA\'s bus system could have a financial impact
VIA charges less sales tax than transportation agencies in Austin, Dallas or Houston.
Also on Tuesday night, the trustee saw a demo of the agency\'s new mobile app, which will be launched on Monday
Update on the annual bus shelter replacement program, proposals to help fund the new Browns transit service, and ongoing tram projects.
VIA will start a series of public meetings on the tram project starting next month.
The first one is three. m.
On Monday at 1021 San Pedro Street.
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