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by:YEROO     2019-10-12
Yesterday, Sydney Swan\'s Premier League player Nick fordike returned to Adelaide to marry his lover, fashion agent Amy codener.
Teammates Rio Barry, Jude Bolton, Michael ologlin, Luke Alit, and Ryan O\'Keefe also attended the ceremony at the Church of the Sacred Heart College in sammuton Park.
The 26-year-old Fosdike met 24-year-old Sydneysider Amy after moving to the east to play with the swan in 1999.
When he saw that Amy looked \"very amazing\", Faust said, his altar nerves calmed down.
\"You just don\'t know what\'s going to happen until she\'s standing there with me and I\'m really nervous,\" he said . \".
\"Amy went up to the altar and burst into tears, and I thought it might be a long ceremony, but she cheered up and we laughed.
Fordek said he prepared \"backyard cricket and a few beers\" for the afternoon wedding \".
\"I had a nice, relaxing day with my friends-had a meal, had a meal and enjoyed it all,\" he said . \".
\"We had a golf day on Friday and most of the boys arrived off the interstate, which was a good opportunity for everyone attending the wedding to get to know each other.
\"The former Norwood player and the Sacred Heart student proposed at sunset on Fiji beach on last September.
\"Having a wedding in a place where you \'ve grown up will make the wedding even more special,\" said fosidic . \".
\"I left school about nine years ago, so it was great to go back there and enjoy this moment with Amy.
\"At the wedding, the power player Aaron stock and former Raven James Gallagher attended the wedding.
TV couple knot former star Miles Pollard knot and long
This week\'s semester girlfriend in Washington state, Brigitte Wu.
The couple read out their vows at a short ceremony at Shelley Bay in dunsboro, a seaside resort in southern Washington statewest.
When Miles worked in Adelaide, the two got together.
Soon after, britita moved here and served as the host on TV station 9.
Only 47 close family and friends witnessed the wedding there, followed by a reception in Wise Winery.
Some of the famous faces in the crowd include actors Sam Worthington and Aaron Pedersen ).
\"It\'s just the most awesome day,\" Miles said . \".
\"There\'s a lot of anxiety about acting. . .
But everything went well.
Brigitte called the ceremony \"unconventional \".
\"The general theme is to embrace our personality,\" she said . \"
The bride is wearing an ivory and chocolate silk dress from a Sydney boutique, while Miles is wearing a Hugo Bosh suit.
The couple are now living in Sydney, where britita is working --
Air on Foxtel Weather Channel.
Miles is working on a new children\'s TV series, the story about Aboriginal twins.
The film was produced by Channel 9 and Disney and shot in Alice Springs and Sydney.
Miles said he missed it and he has been working for four years.
\"I really miss these people,\" he said . \"
\"I must admit that I was a little sad when I looked.
I miss being with people riding horses.
It was a great time in my life.
\"Blake\'s pirate baby Jon Blake is the funniest person on Australian radio.
At the Australian Commercial Radio Awards ceremony held in Sydney last night, the five-year-old Blake star won the best comedy segment award.
The radio veteran, who won the Metropolitan Radio Award for his \"International Talk Like pirate day\" sketchBlakey, is well known, he was on the show with hosts Keith Conron and Tony peel the ceremony was not held in Luna Park, which was opened by a great comic from John Chris of our time.
With the unlikely help of radio heavyweight John Lowe, Monti Python giant performed the classic \"Dead Parrot sketch\" as 850 industry guests \". Footballer-turned-housemate-
Radio and television host Ryan Fitzgerald was there with his girlfriend BJ, who also left the Championship as the best newcomer.
This is good news for Paul batlitt, general manager of DMG Radio, who said victory proved that SA radio can have its own station on the national stage. MIX102.
At the same time, Steve Rowe of 3 won the most popular general manager award.
TomCOMEDIAN, producer and writer Tom Gleisner\'s job is just a play for children and he gets feedback from a lot of places, but now his kids are getting involved in the show.
Tom and his wife Mary, 43, have two children. Sam, 11, and Anne, 8, both like to see dad as a judge.
\"This is also the first project my kids really like,\" said Tom . \".
\"Obviously it\'s always too late for them, they\'re too young.
\"For Channel 10, it was a success in ratings and yet another award-winning piece from the work dog team.
Tom promoted his third spoof travel book at a promotional event in Adelaide this week, which is his collaboration
Write a grab Sitch for the holy Cilauro.
With the advent of popular books, movies and TV series, in the work dog team, there seems to be a little bit of stone King\'s exposure in addition to the three, including Jane Kennedy and executive producer Michael Hirsch.
Other projects include movies and television.
\"We felt that we worked very hard and we didn\'t do much,\" said Tom . \"
\"We may do 20 shows a year, and we are very selective.
We only do what we like to do. this is the only test.
\"You read about film-making companies that get focus groups and run concept calls and think about what their goals are.
We sit together and think of an idea. that\'s all we need.
\"The team hired a church hall to hold a show for about 30 family members and friends to measure their response.
It\'s no wonder that when the team has been working together for 14 years, there will be such synergies.
Tom said they must have made enough money to retire and enjoy golf or fishing, but that is not on the agenda. Tom is also a qualified lawyer.
\"No, I\'m not going to retire, but we live a very comfortable life and we are very honored to be able to do a project when we want to because we want to do it,\" he said: \"Instead of looking at what\'s in the kitty jar. \".
\"Never felt like a job.
I am very lucky to be able to work with my best friend and do a job, which is supposed to be a pro bono hobby, by reason.
\"I can\'t actually see myself retiring.
I can\'t imagine how creative it is to do so.
The team is writing a feature film script when they are \"distracted.
Tom said the plan was to discuss the issue again next year, and his only insight was that it was a comedy. Funny that.
Just a few days before they set off, everything was fine in this garden-of-
During the year\'s trip, Simon good gentle Mark Ritchie had something to do that had nothing to do with his wife, drinks or fights.
The lads who own the Alma Hotel play the leading role in their new advertising campaign for the Skybar beer garden.
Last Tuesday, the lottery people in the bar were treated with some dramatic treatment by wearing their foot jumpers and white overalls while filming for the upcoming printing and bus shelters movement.
As the shooting went on, Gaudi began to get a little nervous because he had to pack and grab the red one --
Eye flight at the end of the next morningof-
A season trip to Las Vegas.
Roo and fiancee Sarah Delahunt traveled to Queensland yesterday and took a few weeks off before their baby was born.
\"It was calm before the storm,\" Roo said . \".
The star of The Crow is due to adjourn this week, and the star of the Crow Andrew McLeod will travel to his hometown of Darwin for a few weeks.
The discord between wife Rachael and Tyson\'s wife Mandy Edwards will step back as family and friends will receive a welcome relief from the intense scrutiny of the wife\'s falling out.
After the Ravens club championship awards party, the two women had an altercation at Swish Bar in North Tce.
Regarding their relationship with local tennis status, there has been a constant discord between Leiden Hewitt, his wife Bec and former fiancee Kim Cristes.
McLeods will arrive in Darwin in time before the start of the local football season, which starts in October and Andrew\'s old club Darwin Buffalo is the defending champion.
Andrew\'s father, joke, wants him to stay in town for a month before returning to Adelaide.
Season commitment.
\"This is the first time he doesn\'t have surgery, so it\'s a good sign for next year,\" he said . \".
Mr McLeod said that the interests surrounding the quarrel between the spouses of both parties \"seemed out of proportion \".
\"I don\'t even know why people are interested,\" he said . \"
Nigel\'s wings are not cut short and may have hung up the boots and pulled out of politics-for now-but what is Nigel Smart doing recently? Former Crow champion is working on Disability Australia (DWA)
Help people with disabilities to connect with employers.
Free service on behalf of large organizations such as the state government, Coles and Westpac.
Nigel, who is studying for an MBA at the University of Adelaide, received a full course.
A month ago.
This is not necessarily a field of work that Nigel has considered, but he has taken a chance.
\"I think there is a reason why things happen, and I am very happy in terms of professional ethics,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s better than whip flo products you don\'t believe in.
I\'m not referring to anything special, but when you\'re trying to find out where you want to move from your life, there\'s a lot of opportunities to come up with something that makes me feel uncomfortable.
\"While he may have failed in his efforts to secure the Norwood State seat, Nigel did not rule out politics forever.
\"I am an avid observer and listener, but at this point it is a pattern of persistence,\" he said . \".
\"I think everything in life should be a learning experience.
No, I regret it?
Yes, will I do different things?
But for anything I might want to do in the future, politically, it\'s a good preparation.
Anthony at ballPINT-
Pop singer Anthony Calais has been a bit quiet recently, but there is news that he is on his way to town.
Former runner
Up will be a guest star at the annual Gerard McCabe jeweler Celebrity Tennis Challenge in November 18.
We are not sure if he will pick up the racket or not, but Anthony will certainly perform a few songs, including his signature tunes.
More alumni, the Young Divas, will also publish some figures at events usually held on Memorial Avenue, but will move to Adelaide Entertainment Center this year.
Other VIPs include stars Shani Vinson, Trent Burns, comedian Colin Grant and Colin lanno Lane.
Tennis nights raise money for South Africa
Over the past few years, the bone growth Foundation has attracted big names including Cliff Richard, Pat Raver and Pat Cash.
Recently, Tigerlily and her good friend Jodhi Packer have been busy in Sydney.
Lucy, who once owned Platinum at Rundle St, took the interstate to help former Mrs. James Parker Open her first designated Tigerlily swimwear store in stylish Paddington.
\"Just a few hours before I arrived in Sydney, the store was finished,\" Lucy said . \".
\"Then I had to sell the entire store in time for the 500 guests who came to the opening party the next night.
\"The big names in the event include Laura Bingel, Jennifer Hawkins, and Dee Smart.
Lucy said it would be the first of many Tigerlily stores, but did not confirm whether Adelaide would get one or not. Pssst . . .
As if she doesn\'t have enough on her plate, media almighty Ali Carr will play the weather girl in this week\'s National 9 News.
Ali will step into Keith Martin\'s shoes in a week tomorrow.
This may be more fascinating than Keith\'s report-Ali is dressing up for the gigs of George Gross and Harry.
The bug of love is currently spreading in about five months.
First of all, Big Bad Bob Francis Adventure (again)
When he married Anna von Berg, former arvo announcer Nicole Haq announced her engagement with Bo Anthony Scott.
Last Wednesday, project director Nic Nolan married his partner Adelaide businesswoman Manon Strachan at a romantic ceremony in Vanuatu.
There was news that there would be a post.
Next month, a wedding will be held in Adelaide for family and friends.
When television celebrity Tom gladner was in town this week, he revealed something about his life.
His favorite comedians are Norman Gunston and Ricky gervez, and his worst job in his teens is to pack textbooks for a school book company, his current favorite singer is Kathy chambers, and the contestants he picks are Sean mikalev and Hamesh black.
You may not have heard of Logan in January, but the Australian jewelry designers are Kate Blanchett, Claudia Calvin, Megan Gale, Kelly Milo, Sarah ·
Now, the adledians will see gold for the first time, and of course, the design of January will be on display and sold at the Hilton Hotel in October 28.
Seven Melody Horrill will wear one on the headlines --
Until launch.
Australian superstar Mel Gibson says he hasn\'t lost his sense of humor since he was arrested for drunk driving in July 28.
In the first interview after the failed drunk driving, Gibson revealed to Diane Sawyer of the TV station how he prepared for his mug shot, knowing that it would be posted to the media, and eager to avoid unflattering shots like other actors Nick Norte.
\"The first thing I thought of was the picture of Nick Norte, so I combed it with my fingers in the fountain and did my best, he said: \"It\'s kind of like pouring a little water on my face. \".
So Vanity won.
\"One more thing. . .
Rosanna Mangiarelli on Channel 7 and his husband Andrew travel at the Buckingham Arms Hotel.
They are planning a round. the-
Tour the world at all great shopping locations.
At the SANFL finals on Sunday, Dean Cox from the West Coast Eagles was found watching the game from a corporate box.
Darryl wicklin of Denison took his dog for a walk on the beach.
Actor Garry McDonald will eat at a Glenelg restaurant in town.
The girl is Lisa Emanuel of Chester Osborne, who is from the delenberg winery, artist Keren Seelander, and Greg Mackie, head of the art company, for Thursday night
The top 36 people, Al Green, Darryl Pearce and Mark Davis, met at 1986 Premier League parties at the Argentine bar, grilling and signature floors at popular restaurants.
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