frida kahlo\'s life depicted in philadelphia exhibit

by:YEROO     2019-10-06
PHILADELPHIA (Reuters Life! )-
The self of Frida Carlo
From the center of Philadelphia, it seems like every billboard and bus shelter can see the portrait, inviting the public to witness the pain of one of Mexico\'s most famous artists.
This is the iconic image of the new Frida Carlo exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the first major exhibition in the United StatesS.
The 15-year performance of artists continued until May 18.
In the painting, she was wearing a jagged wooden necklace, and the thorns on the necklace were piercing her neck and drawing blood.
A cat and a monkey
Pets are agents of children she never had.
Seems unable to stop the pain;
A dead humming bird hangs on the necklace, usually a symbol of hope.
However, a pair of butterflies on her head suggest redemption, and her steady gaze and strong upright posture suggest that she has the ability to endure a life full of physical and emotional pain.
One of 42 paintings.
Three of them have never performed in the United States before.
The exhibition opens in Minneapolis, and is on display on the only East Coast of Philadelphia with about 100 photos.
Carlo suffered from polio when she was a child and in a bus accident at age 18, her spine was broken in three places.
The horror of the accident and her long recovery led to an original, heartfelt description of her physical collapse, one of the main themes of the show.
In the \"broken column \"(1944)
She exposed herself from the waist, her spine was exposed to crumbling ion columns, and her nails pierced her body, which made San Sebastian recall the image of martyrdom.
In \"No Hope \"(1945)
She was forced to lie in bed.
Fed a bunch of disgusting food.
Her doctor prescribed a protein diet as a way to recover physical strength after multiple surgeries.
The emotional pain is also filled with her canvas, reflecting her painful relationship with Mexican village house Diego Rivera, a continuous Philadelphia man, 1929
She died on 1954 at the age of 47.
In some paintings, the theme spills from the canvas, sprinkled on the frame, emphasizing that art is also life, and Carlo insists that we are involved.
In \"A few small Nips \"(1935)
A naked woman was lying in bed and stabbed by a murderer standing on her.
The red paint of the stab wound covered the woman\'s body and bed and spilled over the frame of the painting.
But Kalou\'s loneliness is reflected in two Fridays. 1939)
, The biggest, perhaps most touching painting in the play, she drew herself twice in the painting: first the woman Rivera loves, and then he no longer loves
The two were connected by a long blood vessel that came out of a small portrait of Rivera as a child.
Blood vessels pass through the heart exposed by two women and are then caught by surgical pliers that cannot stop the flow of blood to her clothes.
The two hold hands, which shows that in the process of her abandonment, Kalou can only be comforted by herself.
Elizabeth Carpenter, deputy curator, said that, nevertheless, Carol\'s ability to endure might explain her appeal.
\"Her life story is an inspiring story for many people, and she is strong and brave in the face of these horrors.
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