gang of six muggers are caught on camera beating two boys, aged 15 and 16, at a brooklyn bus stop before making off with $22 and their phones

by:YEROO     2019-11-07
Earlier this month, a group of six young people were captured in the film, who maliciously beat and robbed two boys aged 15 and 16 in Brooklyn.
Shocking surveillance footage released on Wednesday showed two victims being attacked at a bus stop in East Williamsburg around 2.
September 14 twenty o\'clock P. M.
The video shows two men maliciously hitting the head of a victim and a third man hitting his ribs and lower back.
A few seconds later, the fourth attacker brutally kicked the victim\'s torso.
He was then lifted up and hit the sidewalk inside the bus shelter.
The group appeared to have been disbanded before the two attackers turned around to continue the beating.
They kicked the victim lying on the ground and attacked him with the glass of the shelter.
The video was heavily edited and the victims were blurred, so the two could not be separated and the time of the attack was unknown.
Police say the robbers escaped with 22 dollars and the victim\'s cell phone.
The six suspects are described as black men aged 17 to 20.
The victim was taken to hospital for treatment.
They were discharged later this week.
Anyone with information is required to be in (800)577-TIPS.
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