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General configuration of advertising trash bin


There are many types and styles of advertising trash cans, and many people don't know them well. Let me give you a brief introduction.

1. Design according to the size, material, color and style required by the customer.

2. The light box shell is made of aluminum alloy, steel plate sprayed plastic or stainless steel shell.

3. The color is metal primary color or black. The shell material, color and style can be changed according to customer requirements.

Optional functions: screen scrolling, LED display, voice broadcast, LCD display, etc.


The detailed configuration is as follows:

1. Light box materials: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, cold rolled steel, plastic steel, etc.;

2. Window materials: tempered glass, plexiglass, acrylic endurance board, etc.;

3. Optional functions: scrolling system, road nameplate, LED, synchronous scrolling, voice broadcast, etc.;

4. Surface treatment: reasonable color, beautiful and elegant, durable;

5. Size: free choice and customization;

6. Scrolling function: 2-10 pictures can be changed, the screen stay time can be set arbitrarily, automatic switch machine, automatic cycle operation

7. The box body CNC equipment is produced with high mechanical precision;

8. Waterproof, dustproof and antistatic design;

9. Optional color: spray paint, baking paint, spray paint;

10. Exterior unsightly design: wall-mounted, floor-standing, hoisting, combined; 11) Picture: single-sided painting, double-sided painting, single-sided fixed, double-sided fixed;

12. Light box material: stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, cold plate baking varnish, aluminum alloy;

The above is about the basic configuration options for advertising trash bins. YEROO is a manufacturer specializing in light box equipment. Welcome to consult.

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