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by:YEROO     2019-09-19
Hyderabad: The bigger Hyderabad seems to be getting more and more swankier.
Up to 500 beautifully designed, unbreakable bus shelters with digital road maps are set to adorn the city landscape.
For this reason, the big municipal company of Hyderabad (GHMC)
Ro in international companies and take risks.
The proposed bus shelters are expected to be completed next year.
GHMC officials on Sunday called for interest and invited international companies to make suggestions.
These shelters will be stand-alone steel structures with sunken bottoms.
Roof and seating arrangements will be reversed
Plastic fiber.
The shelter will display the required passenger information such as bus route number, time and road map.
It will also have an attached kiosk for APSRTC use.
The company will be selected through technical and financial bidding.
The bidder must first have the qualification for technical bidding.
Once completed, financial bids for those eligible will be opened.
The bidder shall be a company or a consortium of two companies with proven international experience in providing world services
Bus shelters.
Potential bidders need to invest about Rs 25 crore (
5 lakh per bus stop)
Build high quality bus shelters at your own expense.
They will have 15 years of advertising rights.
Additional Commissioner GHMC (advertisement)
N. V. S. Reddy said: \"bidders will be selected in the form of revenue sharing.
Reddy added: \"The location of the bus shelter will be finalized after negotiations with APSRTC.
As for income from shelters, GHMC and APSRTC will share.
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