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by:YEROO     2019-09-27
As more and more companies adopt the strategy of \"greero\" to sell their products, cities and consumers are laughing. NEW YORK (CNN/Money)-
Recently in New York, there was a scene that brought to the attention of the city\'s weary commuters: in front of the Central Station, a group of men and women dressed in exposed clothes, with glitter underwear printed on the back of the \"loot call.
Pedestrians and car drivers took out digital cameras.
Workers from nearby high-rise buildings looked past the office windows.
Photos posted on the Internet quickly attracted audiences from all over the world.
Skivvy\'s discovery is not about self. expression.
This is part of a well-planned campaign by the New York Health and racket club.
J. building classLo wannabes.
\"It\'s great,\" said J.
Travis, brand manager at New York Health and racket club.
Like many companies, regional sports clubs have found that there is a cheaper, perhaps more effective way to reach consumers than typical TV commercials or radio stations.
The idea known as \"guerrilla marketing\" is to catch increasingly picky and tired consumers in a highly unconventional way-
Sometimes shocking-
Include covering city landmarks with company logo stickers or drawing brand names with graffiti.
Other disrespectful and insidious forms include \"dogs-
Is dazzling of bravertising.
The campaigns are relatively cheap, starting at $10,000 with moderate prices, marketers say
City Sports in lower six
A multi-digit
City initiative--
Well below the cost of 30
The second session of prime time television
Activities may also be more effective.
According to Brad ardgate, senior vice president of research at Horizon Media, a New York brand company, consumers receive about 3,000 product messages a day.
\"Our strategy is to stand above the noise,\" he said . \"
The tactics of guerrilla warfare do not get the millions of viewers that the TV station can provide, but there are not many 30-
There was a buzz at the second location about the success of the ambush.
Photos are available on the website created specifically for the \"loot call\" event of the New York Health and Racket Club, which effectively re-
Broadcast messages free of charge.
About 790,000 viewers visited www. ass-vertise.
Com, said Darren Paul, Marketing Store night agent general manager who oversees \"loot call\" stunts.
\"We will spend half a million dollars to get this kind of publicity,\" Travis said . \".
The idea is becoming popular.
Clothing maker Le Tigre is taking guerrilla marketing to make a comeback. Le Tigre\'s polo shirt with the sprint Tiger logo was very popular in the 1980 s.
On June, workers walked down the dirty streets of five major cities and formed a company logo from grime using clean solvents. At the U. S.
Tennis Open next month, men in shirts and bikini
Women in Clothes will be distributed free of charge t-
Shirt and wristband with Le Tigre logo. Another off-
This spring, officials at Minnesota State University launched the beat campaign to boost tourism in the local resort town.
On some of Chicago\'s busiest streets, life jackets and cashmere workers sit in canoes to promote the virtues of Minnesota Erie.
They pretended to fish and even tried to drain the cement. (
They are not far away. )
Even the companies of the traditional ancient board are trying.
Citigroup, the financial services giant, is seeking to expand its fund management services
Next month, women paid for street sports in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.
Hiring assistant in a green trench coat will look for passers-
They seem to fit the company\'s target population and provide them with a free coin wallet.
Inside will be a coin and a pitch to tell the recipient that they will donate money like Citigroup if there is no investment consultant.
Guerrilla marketing can be carried-fire.
The city does not always welcome the invasion of public space.
Marketers warn that excessive gimmicks can cause a strong reaction from consumers.
\"You have to be careful and understand the rules of the game,\" Paul said . \".
\"The area of guerrilla marketing is similar to advertising.
Marketing is good or bad.
Execution is good or bad.
There are also some negative case studies about the company crossing the line.
\"2001, after spraying IBM-
With \"peace, love, and Linux\" painted on the streets of San Francisco, city leaders imposed a fine of $120,000 on the company.
More symbolically, New York City threatened to sue Microsoft in 2002 because it covered thousands of butterfly stickers in Manhattan that were not easy to remove.
The software giant finally apologized and helped clean up.
The city did not bring the company to court, but Microsoft fined $50 for littering.
Recently, video game maker Acclaim Entertainment announced that it will launch an upcoming game in the UK to advertise at bus shelters to infiltrate fake blood into the sidewalk.
The company has never experienced it.
Marketing experts agree that this is a risky idea.
Even so, when it comes to ambush marketing, there is an old saying that there is no bad publicity to apply.
\"Are they not working?
Paul asked, referring to some of the more controversial movements.
\"Well, we\'re still talking about them.
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