green energy: using plants for power

by:YEROO     2019-10-16
The bright sparks at the University of Cambridge harvest the energy generated by plants and light up a \"green bus shelter \".
The prototype factory was unveiled in March 10 and is now open to the public at the University of Cambridge Botanical Garden.
Together with architect MCMM, the team designed vertical green walls specifically adapted to harvest electrons naturally produced by by-products of photosynthesis.
The walls are made of synthetic materials containing pockets, each with a liter of soil and several plants.
The back of the pocket is made of carbon fiber, which receives electrons.
Why is plant sex important? Every pocket on the green wall has a liter of soil (
University of Cambridge)
Professor Christopher Howe of the Department of Biochemistry and Dr. Paolo Bombelli are behind the ongoing live experiments.
They are no stranger to green energy;
One of their previous experiments led to a device that could use the energy generated by Moss to power Radio.
Their new center also uses solar panels to provide energy during sunlight time, while factories offer electronics during the day and night, providing 24-hour renewable energy.
The structure of the Hub allows the testing of different combinations of Photovoltaic and biological systems.
One of the green walls is a half.
Therefore, it is possible to monitor the effects on the ability of plants to generate current.
The Hub uses solar panels and green walls (
University of Cambridge)
Bombelli said, \"in order to meet the world\'s energy needs, we need a combination of many different technologies that would be better if they could work together.
\"There is no plan for the team to stop here ,\"
The long-term goal of P2P solar hub research is to develop a series
Sustainable multi-energy architecture
From bus stops to refugee shelters, they are used all over the world.
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