greens councillor says city residents should vandalise bus stop advertising \'more often\' in a profanity-laced rant about \'corporate brainwashing\'

by:YEROO     2019-09-06
A controversial Green party lawmaker has called on residents to scribble on advertisements for bus shelters to fight back \"corporate brainwashing \".
Jonathan Sri of Brisbane City Council made a public call in the conference hall on Tuesday after he slammed the decision to extend the city\'s CBD bus station advertising contract.
According to the discovery Community News, Sri said that I was not surprised when I heard that disgruntled residents were vandalizing advertisements for bus shelters throughout the city, in fact, I hope this is the case
Scroll down to watch the video. The renewed contract will allow marketing company Adshel Street Furniture to post ads on billboards at bus shelters in the next 10 years.
Deputy mayor Adrian Schrinner condemned Sri\'s call for public graffiti at the bus shelter, saying he should be \"ashamed of himself \".
There is no legal way to destroy it, which is still a crime and a crime, he added.
He said the commission paid $3.
Every year, 5 million of the graffiti is removed, and many vandals break the glass panels that display ads.
Shilin said that this will not only pay the price, but also cause potential public safety hazards.
Mr. Seri reiterated his statement, saying that most Brisbane residents do not want to see advertisements at bus shelters.
You\'re rejecting them [residents]
Without the brainwashing of businesses, he said, he was free to travel in the city.
Mr. Sri then quoted the notorious vandal and political artist Banksy to the Brisbane City Council chamber, referring to a statement containing the \"f * related to the negative impact of advertising *
He then went on to tell the Commission that they were selling the city and handing it over to the highest bidder.
Sri later returned to God, saying that although he did not support vandalism, it was very good to destroy the advertisement on the bus station protection facilities without destroying the bus station protection facilities.
The colorful Cr Sri is known throughout the world for its controversial rhetoric and bohemian lifestyle.
The accomplished poet was caught living in an illegally crowded shared house and then moved to a house ship after complaining that his $150,000 salary was not enough to buy a house.
His colorful outfits also have a tendency to make headlines, as he was accused of holding Senator lar SA Water\'s tearful resignation in July in an iconic rainbow scarf.
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