harley lawrence death: arrests made after homeless man found in burning bus shelter

by:YEROO     2019-11-23
The RCMP said they arrested a homeless man last year whose body was found in a burning bus shelter in rural Nova Scotia. Sgt.
Alan LeBlanc said Friday that no charges were made, but the two were arrested overnight and are being interviewed by the police.
Harley Lawrence passed away in October.
Berwick in the Annapolis Valley of the province.
Police released some details of the 62 deaths. year-
In addition to being considered suspicious, the old man.
They also did not publish the results of the autopsy.
Police say they arrested a man in Berwick at midnight and a second man around 1: 20 in the morning. m.
In the saxville area of Halifax
A woman who sent a newspaper early in the morning when Lawrence\'s body was found said she saw a flame rising from the sanctuary, initially thinking it was a pile of leaves.
The firefighters arrived soon and put out the fire, but failed to save the man, Shannon Taylor said.
She said that about 10 minutes before the fire, she saw two young people, probably teenagers or twenties, filling a small pot at the gas station and walking in the direction of the shelter.
It looks like a cleaning solution for the windshield cleaning solution, she said.
Maynard Lawrence attended a press conference on his brother Harley Lawrence\'s life with open arms
In the city center of KentS.
Wednesday, November. 5, 2013.
Lawrence lives on the street and died in a fire at a bus shelter in the rural neighborhood of N Berwick. S. in October.
Police believe the death is suspicious.
Canadian media/Andrew VaughanPolice declined to comment on the allegations.
People in the community say Lawrence began using shelters as temperatures dropped last fall.
Ronald Lawrence said his brother had a mental health problem that was not diagnosed, but when he was about 25 years old, the problem seemed to surface.
The family tried to help him many times, he said, but he often pushed them away and moved to another community.
Lawrence said he was told about the arrest at around 1: 45 A. M. m.
I appreciate being one of the first to be told by the police.
He said that many questions, including the cause of his brother\'s death, were still unanswered and could only arise when the legal process unfolded.
\"Reaching a conclusion and understanding what happened to him is part of the healing process,\" he said . \".
\"When everything is said and done, it will give some end, but the RCMP has not answered many questions yet.
Lawrence said he was under police investigation.
\"They do it according to the book,\" he said . \"
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