harley lawrence, nova scotia man, dies in burning bus shelter

by:YEROO     2019-10-14
Two workers who worked all night said they were shocked after meeting a burning bus shelter in Berwick, New York. S.
Wednesday morning.
Later, they learned that Manhali Lawrence, a homeless person found by the police, was inside.
The man and the woman were driving separate vehicles near the bus shelter where Lawson died.
They were interviewed by the police. year-old died.
When the woman saw a fire truck, she noticed something was wrong.
\"I almost went to the pharmacy and saw the bus shelter on fire,\" she said . \".
She called the man at once.
\"There\'s an orange glow, and I don\'t know what\'s going on,\" the man said . \".
\"Then I saw the fire at the bus shelter.
The two parked in the nearby Footland parking lot.
\"When I was driving around the shelter, I saw the back wall of it collapse,\" said the man.
\"The flame is about 1 feet and a half from the ground.
It covers everything inside.
The man said he did not want to believe what he had seen.
He kept asking if Lawrence was in there.
After the firefighters doused the flames, he talked to a policeman.
\"The officer bowed his head and said yes.
The man described the situation as extreme fear.
He said it was difficult for him to fall asleep after seeing what happened.
He said: \"This is the worst thing anyone can\'t imagine.
\"Just imagine what he must have been through.
The RCMP is still investigating the fire and is scheduled to perform an autopsy on Thursday.
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