health unit launches cannabis awareness campaign

by:YEROO     2019-11-01
The health unit has launched an education campaign focusing on the potential risks of using cannabis, including opportunities to develop \"mental illness\" and warnings for people under 25 to avoid using it.
Melissa Valentik said: \"There are still many problems with the approach to negative health effects and safer consumption of this new legal product, and there are very few accurate and credible sources of information, windsor health promotion specialist-
Essex County Health DepartmentThe campaign —
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For students and young people.
Health officials urged \"caution in the use of any form of marijuana \".
\"Especially for people under the age of 25, who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or who have a history of mental illness, cannabis should never be used.
\"The event will include promotions at bus shelters, buses, cinemas, social media and the University of Windsor and the University of St. Windsor.
Clare University campus
\"It is important for young people to know that early use of cannabis and heavy use of cannabis can lead to long-term use of cannabis
\"Long-term or permanent impairment of brain function, including memory, learning and judgment, and increased risk of development of dependency or mental illness,\" Valentik said . \".
The health department urged young people to postpone the use of marijuana until the brain is fully developed at the age of 25.
Officials also encourage people not to use more than once a week, choose lower TCH products and avoid using them with alcohol or tobacco.
For more information, please visit the health stock website.
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