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Highlights of outdoor scrolling advertising light boxes


The production of advertising light boxes can integrate the interests of neon lights. The three-dimensional sense is very strong and the visual effect is good. Whether it is day or night, it has the function of promotion. Various types of advertising pictures, text and photo pictures can appear perfectly. At night, it can be made into a picture with a dramatic dynamic effect. It is open and glorious. It is very good. The effect of the visual impact makes passers-by rave reviews.

The production method of multi-purpose advertising light box is simple, and there is no threshold for investment. The production speed of the light box is fast, even if there is no electronic technology foundation and people who make the light box experience can make it, and the technical confidentiality of this product is strong, and it is not easy to be copied. The planning used is wide, and the functions are many and obvious.

Outdoor rolling advertising light boxes not only provide lighting for the night on city streets, but also serve as advertising businesses for advertising. So how do you use the effect of the outdoor rolling light box to effectively catch the eyes of pedestrians? Today I will give you a detailed analysis and summary as follows.


1. The projection position of the scrolling light box. The position of the outdoor rolling light box is chosen to choose the degree of attention. Therefore, in order to catch the pedestrian's eye, the rolling light box must be equipped in a place where the flow of people is relatively full. In addition, because different consumer groups attach different importance to the rolling light box, the rolling light box also needs to consider the consumption needs of the audience in the address area when installing the device.

2. The speed of scrolling the scrolling light box. If you want to use the effect of the outdoor rolling light box, the speed of painting is the key. The scrolling speed of the scrolling light box cannot be too fast or too slow. You must consider the approximate time for the audience to watch the advertisement and choose an optimal scrolling speed.

3. The equipment interval of scrolling light box. The equipment interval of the rolling light box cannot be too full or too far apart. It is best to install a rolling light box every 50 meters so that the audience will not feel bored when they see the advertisement of the light box.

The advertising light box has a good three-dimensional publicity effect, and there are many applicable occasions. It can also be made into a large number of stereotyped products. The cost of multi-purpose advertising light boxes is low, and the service life is long. Under the climatic conditions of minus 40 to 60 degrees Celsius, the service life of more than 10 years is a good choice for outdoor advertising media products.

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