Highway toll booths important performance project requirements

by:YEROO     2020-03-22
Safety performance of tollbooths pillar and sealing plate has certain thickness, the structure of steel frame structure, in order to improve strength to ensure that the toll booths impact resistance. Booth in circuit design are using pipeline wiring arrangement, and in accordance with the relevant provisions. Pavilion is equipped with safe and reliable carrying rings. Heat insulation performance 1, highway toll booths product has good heat insulation performance. Outer skin and inner wall between filling and heat insulation, thermal insulation and flame retardant performance good environmental protection material. 2, the wall thickness of tollbooths ( With the outer skin, insulation layer, adornment layer, etc. ) General areas of 4. 5 cm a 6 cm, cold area not less than 8 cm frost prevention performance in order to ensure the toll booths has a good visual effect and heat insulation heat preservation performance, autumn and winter frost, condensate water or ice, in general charge window using the raw glass thickness 8 mm tempered glass or laminated glass, must adopt double insulating glass production in north China, the raw glass is 5 mm thick toughened glass or laminated glass, but push-pull window available 5 mm hollow glass or 8 mm glass glass. Rust corrosion resistant steel structure subject to consider its rust corrosion resistance, this is, of course, you need to use the related rust corrosion resistant materials, in addition to the 304 stainless steel material, and galvanized steel. Waterproof performance of highway toll booths have good waterproof sealing performance, after water spray test, pavilion at the top and side wall ( Including doors, Windows) Can not have leakage phenomenon.
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