hobsonville bus shelter blocking two new houses to be moved

by:YEROO     2019-09-28
Some houses are advertised as close to the transportation hub
But any potential homeowner will not welcome the bus shelter in front of your front door.
Two brand new town houses on Point Avenue in Hobsonville, Auckland are surrounded by a bus shelter --
Authorities say it will have to change.
Technically speaking, before the construction of the town house, the bus shelter was there, and the distance between the shelter and the house was only one metre away from the two lanes.
Auckland traffic (AT)
Spokesman Mark Hannan said the bus shelter was built by the hobboville Land Company. HLC)
In accordance with the requirements agreed by its resources.
\"The land behind the sanctuary was then developed and the sanctuary was handed over to AT,\" Hannan said . \".
\"As the bus shelters block these houses, it will be transferred at the cost of the developer before anyone moves into the house.
Hannan said the agency is currently identifying where the bus stop will be moved.
Harrick Ward MP Sharon Stewart of the Oakland council said that when a friend sent a picture of her at the bus stop, she couldn\'t believe what she saw.
\"Even if the bus stop had gone up before the House was built, there was no excuse as it should not have happened.
\"The mobile bus station will involve the application for consent of resources.
\"That costs money.
It will cost money to delete another website and get consent.
It\'s not good enough, \"said Stewart.
\"The location of this bus stop is what you call the door-to-door location.
Who will pay for the design and planning of these fees. . .
How much is there in the pipeline?
Pakuranga MP Simeon Brown wrote on Twitter: \"Can you explain why they apparently built a bus stop outside people\'s front doors ? \"?
\"Bus stops are also a hot topic of discussion on the Hobsonville community Facebook page.
Chris Aiken, HLC chief executive, said that \"this kind of thing has been happening all the time\" in large-scale project development \".
\"You\'ll get a developer who came up with a better plan than the original master plan and there are things that have to move.
It\'s usually a pipe or something underground that you can\'t see, but in this case it\'s a bus stop.
\"It is actually a good practice to do this, not to build the wrong house around the bus stop.
Aiken said the bus stop was moving today.
\"There is no cost because the economic benefit is that we will get a better house.
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