homeless man issued citation for eating pizza at a bus stop

by:YEROO     2019-10-23
The San Francisco Police Department says a homeless man eats pizza at a bus stop in the city center.
According to San Francisco censors, a homeless Alliance staff member, Kelly Cutler, revealed the incident on Friday, March 31, as the man brought the ticket to her agency earlier in the day.
After learning about the man\'s crime, Cutler shared a photo of the citation on Twitter, along with a read title, \"a senior student came to the office to defend the citation, because he received a ticket for pizza at the bus stop.
\"He\'s a good sport,\" Cutler told SFGate . \".
He laughed.
He always said that he bought her pizza on his friend\'s birthday.
The Turkish restaurant owner, in order to help HOMELESSCutler sell a $5,000 \'trump card\' pizza, also admitted that toSFGate said that it is technically forbidden to eat by public transport,
In addition, a spokesman for the San Francisco metro system-
Also known as \"Muni \"-
He told the website that he did not consider it a crime to eat at the bus stop because \"the prohibition of food does not necessarily extend to the bus stop.
San Francisco police station (SFPD)
However, the official told the Examiner that the officer issued a citation for the recent crimes committed in the area.
\"It looks like (issued)
After being stabbed in the shelter, \"said Grace Gatpandan, a spokesman for the SFPD.
Then, Gatpandan explained that the officials just wrote a citation to the person as a way to \"keep him moving forward.
\"She also said that SFPD has received a number of complaints about people drinking and smoking at bus stops.
Anyway, Gatpandan told the Examiner that the citation \"will not be quoted \".
\"Follow us on FACEBOOK and learn more about Fox lifestyle journalists also confirm that most homeless residents are not expected to pay tickets due to the fact that judges often dismiss charges.
In her view, legal proceedings remain a waste of time and resources.
\"This is a real waste of police service,\" she told SFGate . \".
Cutler also suspected the homeless man smoking and drinking at the bus stop.
\"I wonder why they didn\'t give him a citation for these things --
\"Instead of eating pizza,\" she told the Examiner . \".
Homeless people will be responsible for his pizza in court.
The way you eat on Wednesday.
If he is determined to be responsible for the violation, he may be fined up to $250.
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