homeless people in manchester forced to fish for food in city’s canals

by:YEROO     2019-09-05
Homeless people living on the banks of the Manchester canal have to go fishing for food.
Stewart Porter, who lives in a temporary residence on the Bridgewater Canal in Eccles, told people that their survival depends on whether they can catch fish in the city\'s canal water.
Last week, he and his girlfriend Georgia temolo slept hard in a bus shelter and then moved some of the furniture they found to the canal shore.
So far they have a sofa and two chairs, a bookshelf and an old bed and they find the bed thrown away by a nearby furniture dealer.
But unusual settlements can attract the attention of passers-.
A visiting PCSO told the newspaper that there were 14 complaints in just two days.
The couple said they were rejected for housing and there is no other place to go now-that\'s why they are now living on the canal with their friend John. Stuart, a 35-year-old dad-of-
4. tell the newspaper that he used to have a stable life, but he has been living on the street since he was kicked out of his social housing apartment.
He insisted that he was trying to get help from the Salford council, but was told he was \"not a priority \".
In response to the situation, Stewart planted peppers, garlic, apples, radishes and onions on a piece of land close to the water, and when he needed cleaning, he jumped into the canal with a shower gel.
Fortunately, family friends sometimes wash clothes for them and bring them food and cigarettes.
A friend said: \"Stuart is a good man and we have known him since we grew up together at Winton Manor-he will do anything for anyone.
Unfortunately, he is in trouble and we want to help him.
But much of Stuart\'s hope is to catch a big fish in the canal.
\"We caught the first fish last night-a cockroach.
We had dinner.
\"We are throwing bread in,\" he said. \"We hope it will attract small fish . \"
Then the little fish will bring the dog fish in, and then we will eat it.
\"I will feed anyone who needs it.
This is about playing long games.
The slowest horse won the game.
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