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Hotel, shopping mall commercial advertising display solution


At the moment, the Internet has generally entered everyone's daily life, and old media such as radio and television are becoming less and less. The online advertising player is a diverse source of information. It is often used in commercial buildings, large shopping malls, KTV, hospitals, communities, restaurants, subways, etc., and it can be used to learn new information and obtain valuable information anytime, anywhere. The network advertising machine uses audio-visual and text interaction on the LCD screen, and the LED screen display shows more vivid and creative advertisements.

1, demand analysis

    (1) Multimedia advertising platform: set up network advertising machines in suitable places of large shopping malls, such as: “elevator, cashier, large shopping mall entrance”, etc., playing different advertising content, can also play consistently.
    (2) Supporting service release information: In the hotel lobby, an online advertising machine can be set up to display the price and display of room facilities, so that customers can choose and stay.

YEROO-Hotel, shopping mall commercial advertising display solution

2. Program implementation
Along with the popularity of LCD advertising machines and the popularity of flat panel display devices such as plasma LCDs, the dedicated network player replaces the traditional pure DVD or PC playback format, and has a professional digital media information distribution system, which realizes different terminal devices of the same system. Differentiate the communication mode of the audience. The application scenarios mainly have the following points:
    (1) Commercial buildings: Commercial buildings are a business place integrating business, entertainment, catering and fitness. The function of its online advertising machine:

    (a) to guide customers' actions.

    (b) Meet the needs of customers.

    (c) Reasonable product promotion.

    (d) Publish real-time news.

    (2) Elevator port, elevator room: escalator, sightseeing elevator, etc. Generally, when the customer waits for a break, the video terminal equipment is used for product promotion, etc., so that the customer can understand the large-scale shopping mall, shape the brand image of the large-scale shopping mall, and broadcast the weather forecast. Information such as clocks to improve ratings.
    (3) Entertainment and leisure venues: entertainment and leisure venues have always had uninterrupted people, crowded places, many online advertising machines placed in front of the restaurant, to show the tourists and their main menu, to order food, take the number, convenient Waiting for customers.

3, program highlights
    (1) Strong anti-interference: Customers enter large-scale shopping malls to select products, pay attention to them on the shelves, and use multimedia to promote them in the form of multimedia, which can deprive customers of their eyes.
    (2) Novel form: It is a relatively fashionable and novel form of advertising in large shopping malls.
    (3) Reasonable cooperation with advertising: 1% of TV advertising expenses, 100% of deepening TV advertising effects, can be consistent with TV advertising content.
    (4) Long advertising period: It can be carried out for a long time, and it can be promoted continuously for 365 days a year without manual maintenance and high cost performance.

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