how motherboards work

by:YEROO     2019-10-22
The bus simply connects one part of the motherboard to the other part of the circuit.
The more data a bus can process at a time, the faster it allows information to travel.
The speed of the bus at MHz (MHz)
, Refers to how much data is moved at the same time on the bus.
Bus speed is usually the speed of the front edge bus (FSB)
, It connects the CPU to the North Bridge.
The FSB speed can range from 66 MHz to more than 800 MHz.
Since the CPU reaches the memory controller through Northbridge, the FSB speed significantly affects the performance of the computer.
Here are some other buses on the motherboard: the faster the bus speed of the computer, the faster the operation speed-to a point.
For a slower processor or chipset, the fast bus speed cannot be compensated.
Now let\'s take a look at the memory and how it affects the speed of the motherboard.
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