how prisons work

by:YEROO     2019-10-21
When a person is arrested for the first time and is put into jail for bail, there is usually not much to deal with other than looking for weapons.
Those convicted and sentenced will face longer, broader procedures after they arrive at the prison, where they will spend the next few months, years or decades.
Taxis or friends or relatives can drop off new arrivals.
Another option is to take a prison bus to the local sheriff\'s headquarters.
The bus is usually uncomfortable and it stops at several stops in other police departments and prisons to pick up and transport criminals.
Disadvantages call this a diesel tour.
Once new offenders arrive at their home prison, they are usually stripped of their clothes, disinfected and checked very thoroughly to ensure that they do not smuggle anything into the prison.
Their property is classified and boxed-
Criminals are allowed to bring something in from outside.
Usually no more than glasses, several books and their legal documents are allowed.
In this regard, state prisons may be a little looser than federal prisons. xadCons (
Guard often)
The new comer is usually called fish.
Some parts of the initial treatment may be fully visible to other inmates in a special section of the prison, which is reserved for new inmates-
This is the so-called fish tank.
Prisoners are held here for at least 30 days while prison officials are dealing with their paperwork, finding space for them in prison and possibly assigning them a prison job.
The vast majority of humble Labor in the prison, including laundry, maintenance, cleaning services, cooking and landscaping, is carried out by prisoners at a price of 10 cents an hour.
The typical cell is 8 times 6 feet (about 2. 5 by 1. 8 meters)
Plate with metal bed (
Fixed on the wall with bolts or free connection
Stand on the metal leg)
A sink and a toilet.
There may be a window outside the prison to see the view.
Prison overcrowding forced most prisons to hold two prisoners in each cell, thus placing an additional metal berth in the bed.
In serious cases, three prisoners were kept in their cells.
There\'s a dormitory in several neighborhoods-
There are eight or more prisoners in larger cells and multiple beds, but this is not common.
The typical maximum security prison is divided into several sections, each with its own staff, which can be isolated from the rest of the prison.
There may be multiple layers in the block.
These cells are arranged around an open central space containing a Safety Pavilion, a kiosk protected by metal mesh and glass for the use of staff/guards who keep an eye on prisoners.
Additional armed guards can be placed on the glassoff cubicles (bubbles)
In the observation post within each unit block.
Guards in contact with prisoners do not usually carry guns, as prisoners may steal them.
Cell blocks in general population (
Cell blocks other than fish tanks and Maxim-security unit)
Most of the time, prisoners are allowed to roam outside their cells.
They can walk around the cell, visit other prisoners in the cell, or go outside the prison yard, a large area for exercise and socializing.
Armed guards watched the yard in the high tower.
At different times of the day, the guards carry out the count.
During the counting period, all prisoners must stand in front of the cell, while the guards carry out the counting to ensure that no one is missing and no one is in the place where they should not be missing.
If the prisoner is in the wrong place and does not arrive in the cell on time, he will face disciplinary action.
Count regularly at the same time every day.
There are also counts in the middle of the night, but for these people, prisoners can usually stay in bed while guards count them from outside their cells.
We will discuss in the next section the commercial activities within the prison and the prisoner\'s contact with the outside world.
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