how rita drove texas crazy

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If there is a mandatory, there is this prompt for nory Sealing
Evacuation order in your area: bring beach towels.
When you are stuck on the bumper of the highway, it is necessary to keep your dignity --to-
The traffic was heavy and there was no chance to escape the traffic jam and no facilities could be seen.
Using the toilet only needs to open the front and back doors of the car and make a third wall with a towel to protect privacy. At 10:30 p. m. on Sept.
21-year-old Sealing, director of guest services at NASA\'s visitor facility Houston Space Center, tried to comply with a mandatory rule
An evacuation order was issued from her home in the suburban community Clear Lake Forest between Houston and Galveston.
25 hours after driving. -
She went to Tomball, 60 miles. -
She and her family finally gave up.
After watching the driver doze off in other cars, observe the plastic bag on the pump handle of the gas station (
Show they are sold out)
, They did not see signs of selling food, nor did they see the help of the police, they put three-
A caravan drove home.
\"My biggest concern is that people don\'t have gas,\" she said . \".
\"People are getting cranky.
People can start shooting.
People fell asleep while driving.
\"They might hit us,\" she said . \".
The opposite outflow takes 1 hour and 10 minutes.
The people who live in the community around Clear Lake Forest and southern Houston are grateful that they have not experienced the worst Hurricane Rita.
Except for some houses that bring a tree to a roof or garage, most of their houses are unscathed.
But even those riding Rita out in southern Texas tell horror stories, not just stories of power outages or trees falling;
They talk about traffic.
The postal operator Lydia Ki didn\'t even get home from her own Rita Road Odyssey and she had to start working at 7 in the morning. m.
Mail was delivered Monday in the Clear Lake Forest.
She slept at Wal-Mart for hours Sunday night.
Parking lot in Houston.
Okay, she wanted to pack her uniform when she left five days ago.
\"You have never seen such a thing,\" she said . \"motion escape.
\"There are people everywhere,\" parked on the side of the road, sleeping in the middle of the car, queuing up in the small town to cheer, go to the toilet and eat, and most importantly, sitting behind the steering wheel, more tired and desperate.
Some call it the Katrina effect.
Rita\'s previous outflow left nearly 3 million people in Texas and Louis Anna with two people.
5 million of people fled Houston and the surrounding area, the largest evacuation in the United States. S. history.
But so far, the number of deaths caused by the storm has been 10, and the number of deaths caused by evacuation has been 28, including 23 people evacuated from nursing homes, where their bus caught fire on the road.
Five other children, including one child with a disability, died in vehicles, with insufficient gasoline, at 100-degree heat.
Houston people are used to hollow around cars, trucks and SUVs.
According to the Texas Institute of Transport, the city is ranked fifth in the country in annual traffic delays per traveler.
Washington, D. C. C.
Things are worse in San Francisco Bay and Atlanta.
Maybe these cities should take a closer look at what\'s going on in Houston when they refine their evacuation plans for natural disasters or terrorist attacks.
Still, even the most teeth
In the Houston area, hard commutes can\'t prepare anyone for a shortage of gas, food and housing that thousands of people face when the hurricane hits.
Ruth Shapiro and Michael Ward traveled 41 hours with their daughter Emma and their cat and then went to the University of Texas station 125 miles away.
Their original destination was a motel in South Orlando. -
The only place they can book a room-
But it is impossible to go there, so they live in the apartment in the university town with their relatives and friends.
Sometimes the family is split into two cars, traveling at half an hour and a mile, running through the smoke, not sure where the next gallon of gas comes from.
Of course, all the people sitting on the bumperto-
The traffic jam burned the fuel.
Shapiro\'s ac song TSX usually runs 350 miles on a tank, but only 117 miles.
On the designated evacuation route, the family encountered traffic lights that were still on the normal green/yellow/red schedule, reversing the car for miles.
No police direct traffic through the local intersection.
Later, some officials tried to ease the massive congestion, adding to the confusion.
On one occasion, when the South Lane was converted to the North Lane, the car traveling south was forced to travel by shoulder to avoid-of-
Petrol vehicles and oncoming cars.
An unexpected road closure will only increase the feeling that no one knows where to go.
\"You are here, there is no gas, the cars around you are crazy, each of them is a big truck, what to pull in the back, God knows,\" said engineer Ward . \".
\"We saw everything: the car that pulled the garbage truck, the animals behind it, the people behind the truck.
We even saw a guy pulling a house.
Shapiro called the mayor\'s office in Houston three times on his cell phone complaining about being abandoned on the road.
She spoke to the staff and they told her, \"We are working on it.
\"The official evacuation route they took them to the east and into the path of the storm.
\"I evacuated my house,\" she said . \"
\"I follow the route I should follow and I will be stuck in a roadside car during the hurricane as I am doing what others have told me.
\"The police were so unhelpful that counsel Shapiro once dreamed of hitting the police.
At least if you are arrested, the police must legally take you to a safe place, she said.
Finally, the couple got a gasoline ration by calling the Transportation Department hotline.
They also dropped the official evacuation route on the road behind it, many of which were empty.
Floyd McConnell, 34, said: \"one sentence: gasoline . \" He and his two sisters, a friend, three children between the ages of 9 and 14, three parrots and a turtle called smiling faces.
This is the biggest anxiety. No gas.
There is not much money to buy for you.
I feel very helpless.
It will be tragic in any case, but it makes it just hopeless.
We lost hope.
\"In the middle of the night, they waited two and a half hours with hundreds of other people at an empty Exxon station.
At one point, a mysterious Exxon truck appeared at a nearby intersection and drove away inexplicably.
Later, a local who did not remember their name took them to another gas station.
McConnell drives his sister\'s brand.
New Ford 5150, double
Because her husband served in Iraq, she recently purchased a taxi at a military discount.
The truck was one of three vehicles in their fleet. 21 at 5 p. m.
They walked 25 miles five hours later.
The traffic was so slow that the children were able to get off the bus and walk their dogs on the highway.
Their legend lasted 22 hours and ended up at a Super 8 motel in San Antonio, usually three and a half hours from the hotel, where they booked three in advance
In the evening, the car park and branch road outside the motel were packed with evacuees who could not get into the room.
Even New Orleans immigrants are on the run for Rita as many have moved to Houston.
Rob Blain, Saint.
John drives three cars at the holy bishop\'s church in Houston.
A convoy carrying 19 Katrina evacuees.
Blain led his family in 16-
An hour\'s drive from the sanctuary in Longview, Texas.
One of the passengers is 22 years old. year-
Old Julian with cerebral palsy relies on feeding the esophagus.
\"It was a tough trip,\" said Blain, who took the team back to Houston on Monday and took only six hours, about 30 minutes longer than usual.
After the impasse, many ideas emerged about different approaches.
These measures include opening both sides of the highway faster, hiring police to direct traffic, setting all the lights on the evacuation route to green, and opening up more evacuation routes on the rear track. If fast-
Food restaurants can\'t store food, they should at least distribute water and let tired drivers use their bathroom.
But most importantly, more gas should be provided.
Oil tankers should be set up along the road, and gas stations should have spare materials.
Traffic jams have proven to be more nerve-wracking than Hurricane Rita destroying property, but all the people I interviewed said they would evacuate again if Category 5 storms hit.
But they will fly this time. -
It would be nice if they could find the way to the airport.
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