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How to choose an outdoor advertising player? Know these points to avoid misunderstandings


Outdoor advertising players are widely favored by merchants because they can convey specific information to specific groups of people at a specific time, and the efficiency of information transmission is very high and the cost is low.

With its widespread use, many advertising players that are “except for gold and jade, but in the middle of failure” have also been mixed in. How can we avoid thundering? YEROO will provide you with a few precautions for purchasing an advertising player.


What are the advantages of outdoor advertising players?

1. "Five defenses" headed

Outdoor advertising players need to be placed outdoors for 24 hours uninterrupted work, and the outdoor environment is complicated, so waterproof, dustproof, anti-theft, explosion-proof, and anti-corrosion functions are necessary conditions.

Although many advertising players say they are waterproof, many are only suitable for indoor use and not for outdoor use, so we need to pay special attention when choosing a casing.

Choose galvanized sheet shell, spray outdoor special powder on the surface, the protection time can be more than 7 years. Part of the advertising player adopts an open door design and a waterproof structure, and is sealed with outdoor rubber strips, which also improves the protection performance. When purchasing, pay attention to its protection level. The protection level of the whole machine reaches IP65 even if it is excellent.

In terms of electrical control, it is best to buy an outdoor advertising player with lightning protection and leakage protector to reduce the hidden dangers caused by the advertising player and extend the service life.

In the treatment of explosion-proof, general outdoor display equipment will use special tempered laminated glass. Even if the glass is damaged, it can only produce fine spider web-like cracks. The fragments are firmly adhered to the intermediate layer, which can prevent the glass from falling off. Falling causes personal injury or property damage.


2. High-definition screen, no fear of glare

Advertising players usually attract consumers' attention with dynamic pictures and brilliant colors. Therefore, the display screen of the advertising player is very important. In the case of strong outdoor sunlight, the display screen needs to have the basic characteristics of high-definition highlighting. When the display brightness is 1500-3000cd/㎡, its content can be clearly seen under direct sunlight.

The display screens of many advertising players use AR anti-glare glass, which has high light transmission and low reflection, and can prevent ultraviolet rays, which brings users a good visual experience to the greatest extent.

3. Intelligent temperature control, worry-free heat dissipation

The advertising player is exposed to long-term exposure outdoors, and the operation itself also generates heat. If there is no good heat dissipation system, the equipment will be severely worn and the service life will be greatly shortened.

Some advertising players use air-conditioning type heat dissipation, and some use forced air-cooling type heat dissipation. However, no matter what kind of heat dissipation scheme, the temperature is generally stable at -30℃~55℃. The intelligent temperature control system is used for the best heat dissipation and heating. The high temperature automatically turns off the display, and the low temperature self-starting heating module makes the advertising player always have a constant temperature effect, continuously and efficiently showing us colorful pictures and videos.


The above information is a suggestion on the procurement of outdoor advertising players. At the same time, YEROOGROUP is a professional outdoor digital signage manufacturer. We look forward to cooperating with every customer. Welcome to consult.

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