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How to choose LCD advertising player?


How to choose LCD advertising player? At present, from a technical perspective, there are still some problems, the technology is not mature, and the skills are not stable, especially the various manufacturers are in the initial stage of launch, for consumers, the choice is more difficult. For the future of LCD advertising players will be a mainstream trend of advertising players, the following introduces the same points of high-quality advertising players, so that everyone can make the right choice.


1. Select the hardware solution of the LCD advertising player

When buying an LCD advertising player, be sure to ask about the motherboard solution used by the supplier. If it is not available, it is recommended not to choose. Even if a solution is provided, it is recommended that customers further understand the solution. If it is a tablet , Be sure to choose carefully, especially Quanzhi A10 plan (including A13, A20, A30), it is best not to choose, because this plan can not adapt to the application of LCD advertising player. Industrialized boards are the first choice for LCD advertising players.

2.Select the software of LCD advertising player

The software of the LCD advertising player is an APK application like other software. It is relatively simple and does not have much technical content. However, the multimedia publishing system has higher requirements. When choosing, you must pay attention to choosing this LCD advertising. The player platform can be the same platform as the X86 platform, otherwise remember not to choose, because no customer will use 2 platforms to manage their own terminals.

3. Product price selection

The price of the LCD advertising player will be about 300 more expensive than the standalone version. It is normal that if the tablet solution is the same price as the standalone version, the software (including the distribution system) should be included instead of Separate fees are charged. If the merchant still needs to charge a separate fee, customers must choose carefully, because the software must be bought by a third party. This subsequent service has considerable problems.

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4. Choice of manufacturers

Based on the technical characteristics of the LCD advertising player, it is very important for the customer who purchases the LCD advertising player to choose a supplier.

5. Prototype test

When choosing an LCD advertising player, it is important to test the prototype

6. Size selection of LCD advertising player

The LCD advertising player can perfectly achieve 1080P playback and display. For the touch all-in-one, we strongly recommend choosing an all-in-one with high-definition screens such as 21.5, 32, 42, 55. This display effect is unmatched.

As a new generation of advertising players, LCD advertising players have obvious product technology and price advantages, but from the current products on the market, there are very few stable products. Although various LCD advertising player manufacturers are actively preparing for advertising Machine products, but very few technology breakthroughs can be achieved in the industry. Because many technical aspects cannot be solved through applications, he is a product that combines software and hardware. At the same time, because of the bottleneck of the number of applications in the industry, no real chip manufacturer will pay attention to this market. Therefore, the use of products from other industries to meet the LCD advertising player market will become the main way of this industry. This is more demanding for LCD advertising player manufacturers. In addition to the strength of hardware development and software development capabilities, only in this way can the product be made the most stable.

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