How to customize a suitable toll booths

by:YEROO     2020-03-21
How to customize a suitable toll booths? There are many different kinds of toll booths and how to customize a suitable toll booths? In terms of the highway toll booths, need from the material, production process, shape and configuration. 1, determine the toll booths one-way or two-way one-way toll booths one-way charge for a single channel implementation, two-way tollbooths executable two-way channel charge function at the same time, the compound tollbooths is in order to meet the holiday traffic sudden growth and temporary use. Custom toll booths to confirm its functional requirements. 2, determine the toll booth advocate material style do you want to customize a toll booths, next will determine what custom a advocate material made of toll booths. Toll booths from outside can be divided into stainless steel tollbooths, caigang toll booths and FRP toll booths. Compared with caigang tollbooths, stainless steel gates were not gorgeous color, but more resistant to corrosion resistance to rust, your point on the price. And FRP tollbooths enclosure walls made of glass fiber reinforced plastic built-in metal skeleton, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation performance is good. Coast humidity is big, high salinity, appropriate USES stainless steel toll booths. Dry climate in northwest China, day and night temperature difference is big, so the custom toll booths to consider the heat preservation. 3, custom tollbooths interior decoration style tollbooths indoor style is not invariable, but can be customized. Such as conventional tollbooths, indoor wall and top usually is made of ivory white color steel plate, welding with a stainless steel workbench window before. By customizing can use different color decorative sheet, in order to cooperate with the change of style, seam adopted structural adhesive also change the color. The modelling of toll booths, design the modelling of toll booths style is not all is simple, the ground also can design different model change, or a slight adjustment, performance in the main body color changes, the change of the main line, the change of the ceiling, the change of window glass, the change of the location of the gate, the location of the two-way tollbooths workbench, etc. And from the craft, packet plate or sexually explicit, which is very important.
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