How to design and manufacture a street kiosks

by:YEROO     2020-03-21
Guangdong YiLong traffic is domestic manufacturer professional pedestrian street kiosks, kiosks species is well-found, the new style constantly. Kiosks can be put in the neighbourhood, road, vending square, street, selling special diet, snacks, milk tea and general for the convenience of the product. So how to design and manufacture a street kiosks? YiLong traffic think kiosks selling products determines its style and design, such as convenient service and milk tea is very different. Also according to use environment, local customs, customer preferences such aspects as comprehensive inspection analysis. 1, according to the characteristic of selling items to carry on the design. Selling drinks food class, vending mesa width of the size and scale of the there is demand. Selling souvenirs and special gift, then the kiosk to do kung fu in the visibility, the design of the control box on the fusion feature commemorative gifts, to increase the viewers' curiosity and desire to buy. 2, on the basis of using the environment, regional customs and do the reference, the customer kiosk is in scenic spots, shopping malls, pedestrian street or residential areas, etc. Pedestrian street kiosks focus on fashion novel; Town kiosks will match massiness, suitable for wood materials. Kiosk manufacture craft, including columns, walls, ceiling, door and kiosks internal configuration. One, USES the high quality galvanized sheet, bending scallop column, thickness of 1. 2 mm, enough support, corrosion resistance to alkali. Second, wall plate, a total of five layers, namely exterior trim plate + + wooden frame + silicate flame-retardant polystyrene foam board plate + choi steel, heat preservation sound insulation waterproof fire prevention. Exteriors plate is made of high quality electrolytic plate, thickness of 1. 2 mm, interior trim plate is made of color steel plate. Third, the door adopt, sealing strip edges, no leaking, sound insulation effect is good. Four, smallpox condole top is made of high quality decorative, about all activities can be removed. Five, in strict accordance with JT/T422 - within the circuit 2000 standard design, configuration, electricity meter box, leakage protector, and air switch. Six, the floor is made in accord with the high quality steel dragon put 2 on skeleton template. 0 mm thick non-slip aluminum plate ( Or stainless steel non-slip floor, or according to customer request stickup ceramic tile floor) 。
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