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How to design billboard ads effectively?


Billboards, known in China as ‘big guns ad’ are everywhere and are still considered a premium advertising space. But driving on a highway, on average, we only have 7 seconds to read them.

That’s why it is important to know how to make your advertising count when communicating a brand message through a billboard is your weapon of choice. Putting a billboard up is costly, so eye-catching, concise and straight-to-the-point brand expression is crucial to making the most of the ad space.

1、Mind the complex ad environment

Before putting a billboard up, many factors should be considered: physical dimensions, orientation, advertising area, exposure to light to ensure that the design works best with the surroundings.

2、Check out the results after ad placement

Hiring a research agency to evaluate ad effectiveness is a common practice among advertisers. Equipped with knowledge about the audience perception, recognition, memorability of the ad, so that the results can be evaluated and be prepared for the next move.


3、Big font, easy to understand, ‘to-the-point’ message

See examples below (the message delivered funny and interesting)

Highway billboards are a special form of outdoor advertising. Don’t stop with the basic data like a number of cars passing by to evaluate the effectiveness of outdoor advertising. It’s called "shelf thinking".

"Shelf Thinking" is a way of thinking to make products stand out on the shelf (physical and virtual), attracting consumers’ attention and convincing them to buy. Apply it wisely, and ‘shelf thinking’ can lower the cost for the ad/product to be identified and remembered.

Highway billboards have a limited time of exposure to their audience, and there are a deep research and careful strategy behind those with striking design.

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