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How to enhance the visual impact of outdoor billboards?


Outdoor advertising is carried by modern media in various forms, and its presentation can be divided into three types: print advertising, television advertising and interactive advertising (online advertising). There are several ways to enhance the visual power of these three types of advertisements. Please see the introduction below:

1. Element comparison method

The use of outdoor billboards such as size contrast, aggregation and dispersion contrast, shape contrast, virtual and actual contrast, etc., can not only expand the primary and secondary status in the composition, but also achieve the effect of visual impact.

2. Layered design

The layering between images and elements can focus the viewer's extra sight and draw attention to the theme of the design. In this case, the main element will naturally release the visual impact, so that the work can be directly and effectively conveyed to the purpose of publicity. The safflower should be matched with green leaves. The "virtual" of auxiliary elements is used to highlight the "real" of the main object. In specific applications, translucent elements, light, projection, exposure and various other appropriately processed elements can be used.


3. Effective presentation of breakthrough points

The main body of the outdoor billboard itself is the source of the breakthrough point. The sense of space, light, speed, knowledge, technology, etc. of the subject matter can be extended and exaggerated appropriately. It is not limited to the scope of the work itself, and the subject matter is the center. The sight of the viewer reaches a divergent visual sense, forming a certain visual impact.

4. color strategy

In the visual communication of outdoor billboards, color language cannot exist in isolation from graphics and manuscripts. Color is the first hand to capture eyesight and one of the important means to strengthen the visual impact of advertising. In the use of color matching, a variety of combinations can be used. For example, brightness contrast, color contrast, complementary color matching or secondary color matching, etc., strong visual stimulation can bring effective visual impact, and the color combined with the composition can guide the visual direction and quickly shift attention to the main object of the advertisement. Above. In the design of works, color can also enrich the level of the picture.

Outdoor billboard advertising forms can be selected according to their own needs, and we have introduced some methods to enhance the visual impact of advertising.

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