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How to launch advertisement on the outdoor billboard display


With the rapid development of the Internet and its important position in people's lives, more and more companies pay more attention to the launch of online advertising, but even so, outdoor advertising still occupies a decisive position, and there is no substitute for online advertising. Today, we talk about outdoor advertising display billboard.

Outdoor advertising billboard display, street signs, advertising on the roof, scrolling light boxes, bus shelter advertising etc. These are all common types of outdoor advertising. They are mainly displayed on the print plane. Of course, we use different advertising strategies based on different environments and people.

 YEROO-How to launch advertisement on the outdoor billboard display

1. Choose the correct types of advertising display according to the location audience's characteristics and habits.

What ads do you want to deliver? Who are your audiences? What are the characteristics and habits of your audience? Where do you place your ads for the most effective access to your target audience? Are you investing in high-speed exits, market entrances, subway stations, bus stops, or near the community's anti-aircraft artillery, elevator frame advertisements, and surrounding street signs? These are all things you want to study.

According to the study, in the front, the viewing angle is best within the range of 30° horizontally and 30° horizontally. It is unrealistic for consumers to look up at your ads.

Of course, some of the stickers are also good, but depending on the position, the effect of the stickers at the entrance of the mall is much better than that of the flat, because consumers will pay more attention to the ground due to the influence of the steps, but if it is Very flat roads are often easily overlooked by consumers because pedestrians are always looking ahead.

2. Choose advertising form according to audience interest

There are advertisements everywhere in the street if your advertisement has no characteristics, why should consumers pay attention to you? The fast pace of life makes it difficult for consumers to pause and slowly admire your advertisements. It is very important that the issue of advertisements has its own characteristics.

(1) "Do not take the unusual road"

The billboards we often watch are almost rectangular or square. According to research, the number of triangles is twice as many as that of squares. Therefore, when we are doing billboards, we must break the tradition and break the convention. What attracts consumers is a successful advertisement.

(2) Unique display form

We all know that on both sides of the expressway there are ads of antiaircraft artillery, repeating styles. For a long time, we naturally feel fatigued. However, if the product displays a rectangular screen that looks more three-dimensional, these "unconventional" screens will attract extra attention. Of course, if all of them are prominent or irregular, then the sudden appearance of a regular shape will also attract consumers.

(3) Duplicate advertising content

Co-location ads, that is, an advertisement screen is repeated 2-3 as a group, this kind of visual impact is very strong. We often see the advertisement screen of the LCD screen on the subway track, within 5-10 seconds after the vehicle starts. The picture is constantly beating in front of our eyes, instant advertisements are placed into the brain, and will deepen the impression.

3. Choose the advertisement according to the characteristics of audience memory.

(1)It is suitable for the company’s brand image because it is far away and has a large area.

(2)Consumers can be close contact with the product suitable for a selling point description but should pay attention to choose high-end image products or take the lead product.

(3)If the consumer can touch the screen, they can do some promotion activities and interact with the consumers to achieve the benefits of big communication in a small area.

(4)The content is concise. This is what we have always advocated. There are a large number of outdoor advertisements containing too much information and dazzling. Some outdoor advertisements even have densely packed events, addresses, telephones, etc. Can not see the font, close to 1.5 vision can distinguish the font. I thought that I was very smart and put the detailed content on the screen, the effect is actually counterproductive.

(5)The title is very important. Believe me, most people are headline parties. The reading power of advertising titles is five times that of content, and how to attract potential consumers. Too much information coverage does not attract consumers' attention. We always want to say too much to consumers, but consumers do not necessarily have the energy to understand in a short time. So, it' s important to be able to give the title of consumer interest.

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