How to maintain a bus shelter in daily life?

by:YEROO     2020-03-21
In daily life, too much traffic on the road traffic jams is almost a daily occurrence, bus travel choice for most people. Bus shelters became citizens travel more public transport facilities, the infrastructure of bring convenience to our lives and at the same time also need daily maintenance. As a common infrastructure, how about shelters in their daily lives for maintenance: 1, many people who will find observant bus shelters are installed in the tree next to, this is a coincidence? Not like that, actually, because of the tree for shelter from the rain, to minimize the harm to the shelter because of weather, and then to prolong the period of shelter. 2, shelters, contact for a long time, every day to clean in every area, regular cleaning shelters pollutants, clean the small ads, only in this way can make whole shelters looks more clean and tidy. Shelters light box as a propaganda page viewing area, light box cleaning must be in place. When can clean with cleaner or water to wipe, repeatedly make light box always stay if brightness is new. 3, waiting areas should be unified management. For shelter in different parts of the unified planning, this is very important, such as some shelters are has a new system, it is necessary according to the actual situation when planning for maintenance, and check the whole actual components of the shelters, to see whether there is loose phenomenon, once have loose phenomenon, should immediately tightened, or is it need to be replaced.
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