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Ideas for the Design of Urban Bus Shelter


Inspiration is like a source, sometimes it will gush out, sometimes it will be exhausted. It is not a simple matter to make a creative bus shelter. The bus stops that people see now are the most beautiful works presented by designers with their own inspiration and customer requirements. At present, there are more and more designers in the society. If you want to have a place in this society, you need to come up with good works to satisfy people. As a daily transportation tool for people, buses need to be considered from many aspects if they want to better consolidate their position. How to make an eye-catching urban bus shelter is a crucial matter.


1. Location selection of bus shelters

First of all, it is necessary to consider the location of the shelter, what kind of environment it is in, and issue different solutions to different environments. For example, the bus station near the amusement park can be combined with the amusement park mascot as the inspiration source for the design of the station. Different areas have their own characteristics. Dig into these characteristics and combine actual needs to outline different bus waiting The pavilion brings a different visual experience to people in the city. In today's era of rapid development of social networks, it is very likely to become the trend of urban fashion and a model of chasing style.

2. Occupied area of bus shelter

In different stations, the area of the shelters is different. The designer can use this to maximize the design of different platforms, and add other elements to the bus shelters with a wider area, such as for more The benches for many people to rest, the green vegetation that absorbs carbon dioxide, the roof covering a wide area and so on are active inspirations. Make full use of this small space at the bus station with only a small area to maximize its utilization. Value, this is an excellent work for passengers.

3. Unique city culture

China has a history of thousands of years and has this rich cultural heritage. Even in the era of rapid modern development, people still retain the treasures passed on to us by our ancestors. Chinese culture has a long history and each region has its own humanities. Customs, the precious treasures left to us by the ancients are combined into the production of the bus station, which is a creative bus station work.

Facing the fast-developing era, people are forgetting the previous culture more and more. Showing the history of the country in a material form not only reminds people not to forget traditional culture, but also allows more foreign friends to appreciate it more intuitively. The cultural heritage of the motherland is passed down to the world. The bus stop is the best choice as the most intuitive material medium. Yilong Advertising focuses on the production and production of bus shelters, and professionally serves each of our customers. If you have any purchase requirements, please call us for consultation!

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